Being tall is a blessing and a curse. Here are seven things that everyone who's the tallest person around can relate to.

1. I am able to reach tall racks.

I’m like a giraffe. I don’t need any type of assistance to reach the top shelf. I got this. But when it comes to the products that are on the bottom shelf, it feels awkward having to bend over.

2. There’s never enough leg room to be comfortable.

Everything nowadays is made for short people. Not everything was meant for tall people. Cars don’t provide enough leg room to get comfortable. When the ceiling is too short, I’ll bang my head on it. Clothes don’t even fit properly. Either the shirt or pants will get too small to wear. As a tall person, it’s hard for us to get comfortable.

3. I can’t enjoy the rides at Six Flags or Disney.

As stated previously, it's hard to get comfortable. When it comes to amusement parks, yes, I’m tall enough to ride the “Big Boy” rides, but my body may not feel comfortable. This can lead to numerous hazards like hitting my head on an incoming tunnel or not fitting in the roller coaster cart.

4. I like to use short people as an armrest.

To short people, this is a disadvantage. For tall people, this is an advantage. This gives us tall people the ability to rest our arm and save its energy for later purposes, such as reaching tall shelves. Why use a chair when I can use an armrest while I’m standing? Totally valid. Not only that but we can also be used as a pillow. Work smarter, not harder.

5. I get the best view no matter where I am.

Because I’m tall, I have the upper hand. I can see everything and not have to worry about anyone in my way (unless someone is taller than you). As for short people, I’m sorry that I’m always in your way. But hey, at least you are in my shadows.

6. People think you are older than you really are.

“You seem like you are 24.” “Actually, I’m 19.” Yeah. We get that a lot. Not only do we look older, but we can act older too. That’s where people can get thrown off. One minute they think you’re 22, but in reality, you’re 18 and 5’8”. We are physically and mentally older, while our age says otherwise.

7. I hate being told jokes about being tall.

I’m not vertically fat, I'm just vertically challenged. That’s all. I can’t help being a giant or a lamp post, it happens naturally. Just like y'all joke about my tallness, I can joke around your shortness and call you “fun-size,” or “Leprechaun.” Joke around all you want, but just be ready for a comeback.

BONUS: FYI: Not all of us tall people play basketball

Just because we are tall does not mean we automatically play basketball or any sports, in general. Some of us are meant to be athletic, but some of us are not. There are other purposes for being tall than just basketball or sports. Some of us were tall to work in a Hollywood set, while some of us were tall to do construction. No matter the purpose, we tall people are able to do more than you think, even with limits.