25 Things Servers Would Really Like To Say Out Loud

Working in the food industry can be incredibly irritating, especially when you deal with rude customers. Ask any server you know, I am almost positive they will share some crazy story about the time they were either yelled at for a mistake they didn't make, or for food they didn't cook being too undercooked.

Servers are told to just plaster a fake smile on their face because "the customer is ALWAYS right", but here are a few things servers would rather say than "Thank You, come again!"

1. Did this woman really just holler at me from across the restaurant while I was talking to another table!?

2. Do you not see me carrying over 1,000 f*cking things in my hand... I can't grab you another soda right this very second, actually. 

3. Damn, how much dressing on the side do you really need...

4. Did you actually expect your steak to be cooked like a five-star meal...where do you think you are sir, Paris?

5. I don't make enough money to run back and grab you an EXTRA lemon for your water

6. I'm sorry your burger was undercooked, but I'm actually not that sorry  because I DIDN'T make it

7. If you really don't like our healthier options than maybe you should just eat at home

8. Need faster service? Head to the drive-through in McDonald's instead!

9. Want a free drink because you didn't like the one I just took time making for you? Tough sh*t

10. Can you please teach your child how to behave in a restaurant, how old is he now? Ten?

11. If you didn't want your child purchasing a game on our tablet why would you let him/her play with it then?

12.I COULD grab you extra sauce for your pasta, but do I WANT to... 

13. Wow, I really can't wait for you and your family to leave!

14. This old woman really did not just yell at me for giving her a small portion of fries...

15. I hope another server never has to deal with the pain and stress you just caused me

16. I need a fat glass of wine after dealing with your pain in the as*

17. How is it possible to have a problem with every little thing I've brought out?

18. Boy... you would be so much cuter if you actually left me a 20% tip

19. You really expect me to carry all 6 dishes out at the same exact time?

20. No really, I love all random sass, please continue!

21. Ah, less than 20% tip 

22. No eye contact when we speak? Its fine I'm totally just here for fun 

23. Should I be the first to tell this woman her child just chucked a chicken tender across the room or...

24. Attention 12-year-olds! I have beef with your parents who raised you to act like this in a restaurant

25. I genuinely hope you never step foot in this restaurant again 

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