3 Things Republicans And Democrats Can Agree On Since We Need To Learn To Get Along

Politics suck and the idea of hating someone just because they disagree with you on your ideas of how we should make our country a better place to live is stupid. We want the same things, ultimately: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In other words, we want to live in a safe world where we are free to make our own decisions and to pursue the things that make us happy.

Republicans and Democrats (and all other parties) may disagree on how we get to those places, or in which order those steps take place, but ultimately we want the same things for the same reasons. We want to love our fellow neighbor and to get along, but the idea of politics and how we go about it bogs us down.

I decided to strip away the politics and make a list of things we agree on and see where we can go from there.

1. Terrorism is an issue that isn't as simple as implementing gun control


If you can think of a single person who is happy when a group of innocent people gets killed, then that person needs serious help. It seems like we are experiencing terrorism and mass murders so often we lose count. Gun violence (and violence in general) is such a problem in America and we are no closer to agreeing on a solution today then we were after Columbine. Why?

We're stuck arguing about gun control rather than addressing the issue: a tendency towards violence rather than resolution. Republicans want to protect guns and Democrats want to get rid of guns. The problem, however, ultimately lies with people. People are the ones killing each other, and they'd use axes, acid, or knives if guns are unavailable.

Though gun control may slow attackers in the short term, Democrats and Republicans can agree that, ultimately, we must help the people perpetrating these violent crimes and stop them before they reach a point where they want to do these things.

2. Free speech should be protected, even if people don't agree


Getting along isn't about agreeing with one another, it's about listening to the other side and understanding one another. We must learn to compromise but the only way to compromise is to discuss openly and honestly. I shouldn't have to say I love my government if I don't. I should be able to speak with my friend about an issue and she should be able to speak with me.

We must protect ourselves from government censorship or else we lose the ability to change things in peaceful ways.

3. Each person should have an equal opportunity to pursue their goals


We live in the USA and we should all be able to agree that every person, no matter the race they have, economic status they were born into, gender or sex they have, or who they love, deserves a chance to make their dreams reality. If you work hard, you should see the results. Nothing should hold you back from that.

However, we do live in a country where greed runs much of our lives. Our greed and others' greed stands in the way. Republicans and Democrats can agree that we need to help one another overcome the obstacles greed creates, and it must start with the individual.

Ultimately, we make up this nation. The power lies with the people if we allow ourselves to have it. We can work together to solve these issues if we stop arguing about the things we cannot agree on and start finding the solutions to the things we do agree on. Our nation is far from perfect and it never will be, but we can at least help one another make it a better place.

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