If you own a dog (also commonly referred to as a "pupper" or "doggo"), first of all, you're a lucky duck (dogs are awesome). Second of all, there are a bunch of things that you can admit to being guilty of without regret. Quite simply, dogs are God's greatest gift to this green Earth, and the saying "What did we do to deserve dogs?" will forever be one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. So, let's just consider this article to be a dog-appreciation post. Also, I really miss my puppers because I'm away at school, so I figured I could at least write about them (technically). Let's jump right into it; things people with dogs totally understand. Fair warning though, I am a repeat offender to all of these, and I say that with "no ragrets".

1. Your meal is their meal- If you're like me, then you are completely vulnerable to your dog's "puppy-dog eyes", especially when those eyes are longing for the food on your plate. Whatever it is, you just cannot resist giving them every last piece of food on your plate, even if that means you go hungry. You're a good owner, you put your pet's needs before your own!

2. Wearing the color black = NO- HAHAHA that is a great joke! The color black?! Are you kidding me?! Growing up with dogs, I would consider myself lucky if I only had a couple of dog hairs on my black leggings or shirt or jacket, etc. I envy those with hair-free black items, but I still throw myself on the floor to cuddle with my doggos, not caring AT ALL about what their hair does to my leggings. After all, what's more important- not having hair on anything, or getting maximum kisses from your dogs?

3. You own an overabundant amount of lint rollers- There isn't a drawer in my house that doesn't have a lint roller in it. I also keep a lint-roller in my car, because chances are, after I lint-roll before I leave the house, I'll get sucked in to cuddling my dogs on the way out the door and then I'll have to re-lint-roll in my car. What can I say? Dog's just have this magical power over me.

4. Loving on them sometimes when they probably don't actually want to be loved on- You can tell when your dog is up for some loving, and you can also tell when they are just not in the mood for you. However, you just can't help still wanting to cuddle and kiss them...and they HATE it. This usually happens when I watch any sort of Air Bud movie and I start crying even if a dog just gets their feelings hurt, and I snatch my dog up off the couch and cry and hold them because of how sad I am and how much I love having them. The last time I did that, my dog peed on me. P.S. totally worth it.

5. Calling them a traitor if they cuddle up to anyone but you- If there's one thing my dog can do to betray me, it's cuddling up to and loving on one of my friends (a stranger to the dog BTW!!) over me. They know I would never cuddle up on another dog, so why would they decide to cuddle up on another human?!

6. Wanting to descend into the lowest level of Dante's hell if you accidentally step on their paw or hurt them- We've all seen at least one meme about how you feel after you accidentally step on your dogs paw, and we laugh to tears at those memes because we know how true that feeling is. There is no worse feeling of self-hate than accidentally hurting your dog or stepping on their paw. I mean, we already don't deserve dogs because of their pure innocence, joy, and happiness. So, why would I make things worse by hurting (accidentally of course) the thing I love most in this world?!

7. Taking pictures of everything they do saying how cute they are....even if they aren't actually doing anything- If you have a dog, you also probably have an album full of pictures of just them to accompany that dog. You show your friends endless pictures of your dogs, whom are probably not even doing anything in the picture, saying how cute they are. You don't know why you keep taking so many pictures of them, but it's like you don't want to miss out on any part of them growing up or any important memories (hint: THEY'RE ALL IMPORTANT).

8. Making a big deal out of their birthday- Let's be honest here, who doesn't go all-out for their dog's birthday? No one, that's who! Whenever any of my dog's birthday's come around, they each always get a steak or burger, accompanied by a brand new bone! TBH, I get more excited about my dog's birthday's than my own. It's the perfect time for a photo-op for them!

9. They are undoubtedly your best friend- They don't call them "Man's Best Friend" for nothing, folks. Long story short, there's no one else you'd rather come home to at the end of a long day, or when you're sad or lonely, etc. than your dog(s)!

10. Not being able to get mad at them not matter what they do.- Once again, dogs have this magical cuteness power that makes it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to ever get mad at them...even if they poop in the house....or growl at/bite you...or bark 24/7....or steal your food. I could get annoyed at another human just by looking at them, but my dogs, well, like I said, magic powers.

11. Talking to them like they're human- We all dog-talk to our dogs like a baby every now and again. I mean, how could we not?! However, we're all so close to our dogs that we also talk to them just like they're humans. I do it so often to my dog, that sometimes I almost expect a response back from him. He just gives me this "Yas girl, I totally understand" look.

12. 10/10 best kisses EVER- Do I even have to explain this one? Yeah, I didn't think so!