Things Only People With Siblings 10+ Years Younger Than Them Understand
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Things Only People With Siblings 10+ Years Younger Than Them Understand

It's the real life childhood game of "House."

Things Only People With Siblings 10+ Years Younger Than Them Understand
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For the first 11 years of my life, I was an only child. However, a few weeks after my 11th birthday, my little brother (aka the miracle baby) was born. Then, as an even bigger shock, a few months before I turned 14, my sister was born. Having a sibling, or two, that is a lot younger than you is fun, but is nothing like having a sibling that is only a few years younger than you.

1. You become a live-in nanny.

Now, I loved having a baby in the house, and I loved helping out, but there were definitely times that I felt like a nanny. You become the automatic baby sitter. "Gotta run to the store, you're in charge of your brother (or sister) until I get back." "Can you feed your brother quick? I have to finish doing laundry." Or, "Finish folding the laundry, I gotta change your brother's diaper." And if you're really lucky, you get to change the diaper. Or make supper. Or clean the bathroom.

2. Everyone thinks that your "kid" is so cute.

Yup, when in public, everyone assumes that you're the parent. It becomes a normal thing for strangers to compliment your "child" or ask how old they are. Sometimes, even people you know mistakenly believe that you are the parent. At first, you're embarrassed, and quickly correct them. But eventually, you embrace the mistaken assumptions and simply say "Thank you!" with a smile.

3. Sometimes, you do feel like a parent.

Instead of having a fake baby for your school project, you have a real one to take care of at home. And maybe it's because the oldest child tends to be bossy and dominant (so they say), but at some points you do feel like a parent. You can't relate to them the same way your friends relate to their siblings, because they are so young and don't understand. And they look up to you. Like a lot. You're more than an older sister or brother. You're the really big and old sibling. When your parents are gone, as the live-in nanny you often become the step-in authority figure.

4. Your kids may be closer in age to your siblings than you.

It's weird to think that your own kids could be closer in age to your siblings than you are to your siblings. Instead of your kids going to sleep over at their aunt or uncle's house like I did, their aunt or uncle will be sleeping over at your house. Although, maybe your baby brother or sister can repay you by becoming your live in nanny.

5. You wouldn't have it any other way.

Your friends are so jealous of your cute little brother and sister, and enjoy hearing about their crazy childhood. The house is never quiet, and they are constantly adding some excitement at home (although it isn't always necessarily the good kind of excitement). And as a bonus, they give you an excuse to watch Disney movies all the time (even though you're never too old for Disney).

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