Things Only People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

1. Having them fog up when you drink a warm beverage, or when you step inside a warm building after being out in the cold.

There’s nothing like being blind for a few seconds as you wait for them to defog.

2. When you lie down and they squish one side of your face while the other side is crooked.

Have fun watching TV that way. Let me just stare up at the ceiling instead so that this doesn’t happen.

3. The awkwardness of hugging or kissing while wearing glasses.

Yep, my glasses are getting squished into my face again.

4. Exercising while wearing glasses.

Trying to keep them on your face while exercising is a workout in itself.

5. When you don’t have them on but it feels like you do anyway.

Tries to adjust glasses only to find they’re not on your face.

6. Going swimming.

Yeah, let’s go into a body of water blind. That sounds like a great idea.

7. Or even just showering.

Whoops! I dropped my soap. Um…where is it again?

8. Shaving.

Misses a patch of hair because you couldn’t see it.

9. Rainy or snowy days.

Why don’t glasses come with windshield wipers?!

10. When someone steals your glasses and then comments on your vision.

“Oh my gosh, you’re so blind!!!”

11. The endless pushing up, sliding down routine.

Because they never stay where you want them to be.

12. Living in fear that you’ll break them without having a backup pair.

“Have you seen my gla—“ CRUNCH. “Never mind.”

13. The constant smudging.

Cleans glasses. Puts them back on. Accidentally touches lens five minutes later.

14. Feeling cool when you take them off or put them back on.

It even adds to your argument if you’re trying to make a point.

15. When you don’t have them on and you’re squinting and everyone thinks you’re mad at them.

Forget resting bitch face. It’s resting blind face for us.

16. The glare.

Every time you're in a picture, your eyes disappear.

17. Trying to do makeup without your glasses on.

It’s a serious struggle trying to not look like the Joker.

18. Having scratched lenses.

Tries to clean spot. Realizes it’s a scratch and must learn to live seeing the world in a distorted manner.

19. The fake glasses trend.

For some, it’s an accessory. For us, it’s a necessity.

20. Trying to wear sunglasses. Or 3D glasses. Or safety glasses.

Let me just double up here.

21. Riding rollercoasters.

You run a really big risk of losing them unless you take them off beforehand.

22. When you can’t find your glasses but need your glasses to look for your glasses.

23. Having people constantly ask you, “Why don’t you just wear contacts?”

For some, putting something in our eye – even our finger, is out of the question.

24. Having to spend money to see in the first place.

I hope you have insurance.

25. Wearing a shirt that isn’t suitable for cleaning glasses with.

Tries to clean glasses with a wool sweater. Ends up with fuzzies everywhere on the lenses.

26. Having indentations from where your glasses sit on your face.

27. For those who wear contacts: “I didn’t know you wore glasses!”

Is it really that big of a deal?

28. Crying.

Prepare for some splotchy lenses and extreme smudging.

29. The annual visit to the eye doctor.

“Which one is better? 1, or 2?”

30. Comparing your glasses with other people who wear glasses to see who has worse eyesight.

31. People telling you that you look better without your glasses like it’s a compliment.

Yeah, you look better without my glasses, too.

32. Or don’t recognize you without your glasses.

“Oh my gosh, you look so different!”

33. The complicated process of picking out new glasses.

You’re gonna be stuck with them for at least a year, so you’ve gotta make sure you look good.

34. Having your glasses get caught in your hair.

35. Trying on clothes.

Your choices are keeping your glasses on and getting them squished, smudged, and possibly falling off of your face, or taking them off every time you try on a new shirt.

36. When someone asks you to look at something right after you've taken your glasses off, so you have to put them back on again for five seconds.

37. When you get a tan line from your glasses in the summer.

38. People assume you’re smart.

But, hey – we’re not complaining

But at the end of the day, you know the struggles are worth it, because being able to see wins out over any setbacks.

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