14 Things You Can Only Ask Your BFFs

Your relationships with your best friends are unlike any others in your life. With those who know you well, you don't need to filter out or hide anything — it's all out in the open. You may find yourself talking about the most random and bizarre things that you would never dare to talk about with anyone else. But that's what best friends are for, and we love them for that.

Here are some things that you'd ask your best friend without thinking twice.

1. Would you go like my Instagram post?

Even though they'll probably like it anyway.

2. Should I wear this shirt with these pants, or does it not match?

Or really any fashion-related crisis.

3. Should I swipe left or right on this Tinder match?

Chances are, you have similar taste in men.

4. What should I say to him?

Only your best friends can help you be clever and flirty.

5. Can we go to Walmart?

Cue buying all sorts of unnecessary things, goofing off in every aisle, and having a blast.

6. Will you text me during my class so I don’t get bored?

Because you'd rather send a text than study your textbook.

7. Should I even go to class?

A real friend will probably convince you that it's for the best, as much as you hate it.

8. Can I wear one of your sweatshirts?

Especially if it's comfy and cozy.

9. Should I order this shirt from Amazon?

Debate the pros and cons of owning this particular shirt.

10. What are your real thoughts on [topic]?

This is especially handy if something came up in conversation in a group and you can't ask about it until later when you're alone.

11. Can we do our homework together so it’s less boring?

Really any activity done with your best friends is instantly more fun.

12. Do you think this guy is hot?

You probably share celebrity crushes and gush about him together.

13. Can you read this important email and tell me if it sounds okay?

Your best friends won't hesitate to tell you the truth.

14. Should I get dessert?

If they don't say "absolutely," then they're not a true friend.

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