12 Things That Are Only Acceptable In College

College is an era of your life like no other. It's a time when you're surrounded by people who are all not only the same age as you, but who are also in the same boat as you. They share in both the joy and agony of college. Because of this, there are some things that happen in college that only these people will understand.

1. Crying in public.

Whether you just failed an exam, are going through a breakup or having a casual mental breakdown and need to call your mom about it, there's no need to feel embarrassed about crying in public because everyone gets it. I've been there myself more times than I'd like to admit.

2. Wearing the clothes you slept in to class.

Especially if it's an 8 am.

3. Sleeping in public.

Unfortunately, sleep in college sometimes has to be optional. Therefore, you've got to take any opportunity you can to get a few minutes of shut-eye. This means that a bench in between classes is a perfect spot for a nap.

4. Eating a whole roll of cookie dough with your friends.

If it's raw it's not as many calories, right?

5. Begging your professor to change your grade.

When one point on your exam is the difference between an A and a B in the class, you bet that you're going to do your very best to convince him that the conclusion of your essay deserves five points, not four.

6. Sleepovers on weeknights.

You basically get to live out your childhood dreams.

7. Going to the dining hall just to use a swipe.

Already ate lunch today but now all your friends are going to the dining hall? No problem, because your school forced you to buy about twice as many swipes as you actually need.

8. Crying when you see a dog.

“I just really miss my dog, okay?"

9. Midnight snack runs.

Sometimes you really need that bag of flaming hot Cheetos and it just can't wait until morning.

10. Calling your mom every time you need to do laundry or make an adult decision.

There's really no one better to answer your questions about anything from “Does a striped shirt go with lights or darks?" to “Are you sure my life's going to turn out okay if I change my major?"

11. Seeking out as much free food as you can.

It's not cheating when you're a poor college student. Also included: free t-shirts.

12. Spending 2.5 hours taking BuzzFeed quizzes.

Procrastination at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

College sure is a wild ride, so it's a good thing that you're surrounded by people who get you and all of the crazy things that you do.

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