Everyone tells you about the fun times you'll have once you've gone to college. The friends and memories you'll make. Here are a few unpopular things you need to know.

This is a huge change, especially if you've been in the same town your whole life. You'll get to know yourself outside of the small radius you've always known. Sometimes getting to know yourself can be hard. In college, you'll feel alone (even if you're surrounded by everyone). Classes can be overwhelming, all while you're miles away from home with nothing but ramen to comfort you.

My advice to you is that you should always step back and reflect on things. This includes recognizing your mental health and how you're really doing. Call your mom and rant. Grab a friend and work on an assignment together. Staying in your dorm and cramming by yourself is the worst thing you can do.

It seems like your classes are the most important thing when attending college. While that's true, its what you're paying for, after all, it's also important to realize you aren't perfect. It's okay to not know all the answers. It's okay to fail sometimes. Don't beat yourself up because you failed one exam.

You won't magically make friends. If you stay in your dorm room all day, you'll feel lonely and just want to go home. Join a club or a sorority, or a simple study group. Anything to get you out of the dorm and socializing. Plus, it's nice to have friends to share notes with. You'll thank me later.

Challenge yourself and make your first year one to remember. I hope you find yourself and hopefully the rest of your undergraduate will be even better.