I'm sorry but, I'm tired of apologizing. Oh wait, actually, I'm not sorry about it at all.

While I am an advocate for kindness and human courtesy, I believe there are some things we shouldn't be sorry for anymore. We shouldn't be apologizing for the things that make us who we are and the things that make us happy. Before you start judging someone or overthinking that somebody is judging you, remember that you should never apologize for...

1. Staying in instead of going out.

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Sometimes I just want to stay inside and watch Netflix, okay? It's not a crime.

2. Having an opinion you don't agree with.



How boring would the world be if we always said "oh yeah, uh I agree" to everything? You're allowed to have an opinion and you shouldn't apologize for that.

3. Bringing humor into almost every conversation.

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Okay, I can't help it. I was a born comedian.

4. Especially awkwardly laughing during situations where no one should be laughing.

ryan gosling


Okay, I REALLY can't help it.

5. Not always ordering a salad whenever we all go out to dinner.

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Sometimes, a girl wants a good burger. Or a bowl of pasta. You know, it's allowed.

6. Bragging about the healthy choices I've made that day.

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You also should be proud that I woke up at 5am to go to the gym. I'll hype you up, you hype me up. Cool, bro?

7. Spontaneously changing my hair even though you keep telling me you "liked it better before."


My hair, my life. And I wanted bangs, sue me.

8. Going to a kids movie without any kids with me.



Maybe I too want to see a movie about a bunch of animated characters that get along and be friends and believe in magic.

9. Having unrealistic relationship expectations.

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Why can't it be that simple?

10. Having unrealistic career expectations.



I'm sorry, are you saying you NEVER wanted to be a princess? Or you've never applied to a job you're under qualified for?

11. Having an unrealistic fantasy that you and your celebrity crush are actually going to end up together.



It could happen! Okay? One day, I could walk into a coffee shop and *BAM* there he is and we fall in love and then I find the doubters and say "HA!" Also, a crush isn't hurting anyone. Who cares?

12. Singing loudly in the car.



It's just going to happen and I shouldn't feel bad about it.

13. Making everyone pose for a group photo even if they don't want to.

kris jenner


One day, you'll thank me.

14. Taking longer than everyone else to get ready.



Personally, I like makeup and I want to take the time to put it on.

15. Being overdramatic when I'm sick.



Please send your love and prayers while I battle this cold.

16. Being different than everyone else.


Why would I want to be anyone besides myself?

17. Asking too many questions.



I just want all the answers!

18. Making mistakes.



It's part of life.

19. And mostly... growing up .

growing up


Someone's gotta do it.