Majoring in music is something that is generally not very well understood by the rest of the world, but that’s OK! Solace can be easily found in the worldwide community of music majors. Regardless of where we decide to pursue our degrees, we all seem to be experiencing very similar struggles. So, from one music major to the rest, let’s get #relatable.

1. Low credits, lots of classes

A lot of our required classes are only worth two (or fewer) credits, inaccurately reflecting the time and work they require...and making us die a little on the inside each time we look at our schedules.

2. We hate GenEds

We'll never understand why we have to trek across campus for classes that won't really benefit our major at all. Sigh.

3. Our eating habits are...weird

Finding time to eat is hard, so sometimes, our only food in a day could be the cookies served at the reception following another music major's recital.

4. Practice practice practice practice practice

We always remember that whatever we're doing, we could be practicing instead (something I am reminded of as I spend time writing this article).

5. The struggle of finding a practice room

There are certain times of day when an unoccupied practice room is like the last gazelle in the savannah, and music majors are like lions fighting for the kill.

6. Music puns are inevitable

We always have to be prepared for the corny music jokes our professors and peers make. If we weren't, we'd be in some pretty major treble.

7. Dating within the School of Music is risky

Turning down a hallway in the performing arts center and coming face-to-face with an ex is definitely not ideal. Tread lightly, my friends.

8. Performance Attendance Requirements

We would obviously rather be practicing, but the opportunity to be a classical music nerd at concerts is fun too.

9. Crippling self doubt

There is always someone better, and trust us, we know it.

10. A lot of our clothes are black

You know you're a real music major when you've been in the dining hall in a tuxedo or a floor-length black gown.

11. People think your major is easy

"Do music majors even have exams?"

12. It's all worth it

Normal people just don't get it, man, but we will gladly endure the pressure and take on the hard work for the opportunity to pursue our passion and make music every day for the rest of our lives.