8 Things Millennials Are Killing Off

If you were born around the 90s or 2000s, you probably refer to yourself as a millennial or say that you're part of Generation Z.

Truthfully, there isn't much of a difference between the two terms, but one thing is for sure. We don't have much in common with the generations that came before us, and some of the things that we've "killed off" perfectly showcase these differences.

1. Doorbells

Doorbells are a thing of the past. Just like the Flintstones ;)


It is WAY easier to just text someone that you're at their house instead of ringing the doorbell. Plus, half the time when someone rings the doorbell, I don't answer them anyway. We can knock if we're desperate.

2. "DIY" Home Projects

Like do you think I want to deal with my furniture falling apart in the middle of construction? Nah.


Y'all. We don't have the motivation to be building our own bookshelves or redesigning entire rooms. We just want to have a livable space and use energy efficient appliances. Sure, making your own things can be rewarding, but it also takes time. And we have better things to do.

3. Diamonds

What older generations expect us to look like:


Look, they're pretty and all, but are they worth the cost? When am I ever going to wear diamonds? More importantly, when will I not feel paranoid that they're going to get stolen or lost, which would mean that I wasted my savings on some pressurized carbon?

4. Real Estate

Me throwing away any consideration I had about buying a house in this economy:


Okay, I don't even have credit yet to even think about buying a house, but a lot of millennials are renting rather than taking out mortgages. We're not entering the housing market, because our situations just don't allow for that. It's way easier to live with a bunch of close friends or even with your parents than to take out a huge loan. And we also don't have any money.

5. Applebees

I have never felt this way inside an Applebees. I promise you that.


This one can explain itself.

6. Cereal

To all the cereal in my pantry that has gone stale as a result of me not eating it: I'm sorry.


I love honey nut Cheerios, but it's just not practical when you're barely awake every morning. You have to pour the cereal in, and then get milk- it's so much work! I'd rather just pop some bread in a toaster and just munch on that instead. Sorry, cereal industry.

7. Department stores

It's also so much easier to type in some numbers than to give your entire card to a real life person.


Honestly, ever since online shopping became a thing, I've barely gone to real stores. I feel so self conscious browsing the aisles when I could just be lurking and scrolling alone in my room instead.

8. Ignoring our mental state

Whatever you're dealing with, just know that you will be okay. It may take some work and time, but you'll get there eventually.


Last but not least, millennials have begun to kill off ignoring our mental state. That is to say, we're much more willing to open up about our mental health rather than just deal with it ourselves. It's becoming less stigmatized to talk about it and to get help when necessary. There's a long way to go, but even acknowledging that mental health is important is a big start.

As we enter the 2020s(!!!) I look forward to seeing everything that millennials and Gen Z get rid of next. Maybe we can slow down climate change, or prevent Disney from taking over all media… Who knows what's in store?!

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