Things To Look Forward To After Finals
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Things To Look Forward To After Finals

As the holidays approach right after finals,

Things To Look Forward To After Finals

As finals begin so does the anxiety, sleepless nights, thoughts of worry, and reminder that these grades will remain with us. Although they do not define our actual abilities.

As the end of the semester approaches, remembering the good that comes this holiday season helps push us through these finals. Things to look forward to:

1. Jolly Holly Christmas music :)

Spreading the holiday spirit and joy. Songs about the season of giving, sitting around the fire drinking hot chocolate, and Mariah Carry singing "All I Want for Christmas Is youuu."

2. Going home and being around loved ones.

Finally being able to relax and make time for those back at home. Spending time with them going out ice skating, getting hot chocolate, eating holiday treats, going to the movies and watching classic Christmas movies. This is a picture of My Docet (Persian verb for loved one) Christina when we went out to the movies for thanksgiving and watched Bad Santa 2. May I say, a lot in that movie was hysterically uncalled for.

3. Holiday Train Show in NYC Botanical Gardens.

The New York Botanical Garden's Holiday Train show is one of New York City's top seasonal attractions for families, with electric model trains whizzing by more than 150 NYC landmarks made out of acorns, twigs, bark, berries, and leaves.

New York Botanical Garden's Holiday Train Show – Bronx Park
New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard
Saturday, November 19-Monday, January 16, 2017
This show celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2016 and is placing Brooklyn front and center, as new replicas of Coney Island icons, the Wonder Wheel and Cyclone, make their debut. Landmarks and the more than half-mile of train track of years past will also be on display, as well as the 3,000-square-feet of added exhibit space that debuted last year and the behind-the-scenes video that explains the intricate work that goes into building each replica.

( )

4. NYC's holiday lights and decorations all over the city.

5. Free Performances

The Lincoln Center for world-class performing arts practice especially for their recitals to the public for free for the holidays. The range from Solos, Chamber Music, Orchestra, Opera, Drama, and Jazz.

For a full schedule of the wide variety of performances, click here to visit Juilliard’s calendar of events.

Take time to explore the city and see what it has to offer as a way to unwind and conclude not just the semester but also to remember to enjoy the little things. Not everything is about school and exams, we must remember to live in the present and enjoy the moment as it is.

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