Although classes have yet to start, I am already learning how to survive as a freshman at school. I've compiled a small list of the things I have learned while being on campus for a week.

1. College closets are small

While I knew that moving into a room with two other people would be a tight squeeze, I was very unprepared for the harsh reality that was my closet. If you are like me and there is no way you can condense the amount of clothing you are bringing, just be smart and bring storage bins and try to store clothing in unconventional ways.

2. Loft beds aren't as awesome as everyone makes them seem

The first night in my brand new room, and my blankets fell onto the floor in the middle of the night. Needless to say, I was just cold the rest of the night, instead of climbing down to get them. Loft beds are NOT friends of the lazy. Have to get to the bathroom late at night? Too bad, it's too hard to see how to get down without having to wake up your roommates. Bedside caddies and clip on lamps will be lifesavers if you have a lofted bed. Having a lofted bed does have its perks though, like having room underneath for your desk or storage (refer to tip #1.)


I have only been on campus for a week and I have already received enough shirts to make a t-shirt quilt. Never say "no" to free stuff because when you are attending sporting events or just want to wait to do laundry, you will at least have something to wear. Trust me, free stuff is like Christmas for college students.

4. Cliches are everywhere

The main cliche I have noticed while here: Everyone is in the same boat as you, and everyone is looking for friends. No one wants to sit alone or be left out, and at school you will quickly learn that everyone will talk to you if it means they don't have to be alone either. Another cliche would be that as ready as you thought you were to leave your family and friends, you will always miss them. Whether it is just telling them about what happened that day or sharing your favorite part of going to college. You will actually miss them, even if you thought you weren't going to.

5. Appreciate the food while it lasts

Honestly, the food they serve the first week will be considered gourmet by the end of first semester. Enjoy the varying options while you can because pretty soon, you will find yourself dreading heading to the dining hall. Also, during your school's welcome week, there will be PLENTY of free food, so eat up. It's okay to just show up to an event just for the food!