Advice for Younger Siblings

5 Things You Should Know as The Youngest Sibling

The 5 things you should know if you're the youngest sibling in your family.


Being the youngest sibling has its pros and cons. While there is a lot of them, these are the top five things you should know.

You're the favorite

You are your parents' favorite kid. Without a doubt. You will almost always get what you want, whether it's the car for the day, etc. Your parents simply cannot tell you "no." This will be both a blessing and a curse. While it is nice to basically get everything and anything you want, it can come with a price. It can cause you to be spoiled and maybe even take advantage of people, especially of people that love you unconditionally. Be proud of being the favorite, but never be ungrateful.

No one will tell you when something is wrong

This is probably the worst thing about being the youngest. Often, your parents and older siblings will believe that they are protecting you by not telling you about what is going on. While it might be the correct decision for that time being, it will just cause more harm than good in the long run. You will get frustrated beyond belief and feel like your family does not trust you. Eventually, you will end up finding out on your own or someone will slip up and when it happens, remember to act accordingly. A big reason for why they might not be telling you is because they are afraid of how you will react. Therefore, it is your job to act correctly and prove to them that you can handle it.

3. People will refer to you as “Little *insert parents’ name*”

Many people say that you look like one parent and act like your other parent. Therefore, it can be kind of confusing when someone, who is not from your immediate family, says that you look or act like one of your parents. It is confusing because you might not necessarily see it at first, or at all, and often think they are wrong. They are not wrong. It doesn't even matter if you notice it or not because these same family members will begin to refer to you as "Little *one of your parents' names*" and will refer to you by that name every time you see them. It will get annoying at first, but after a while, you will just get used to it and learn to embrace it.

You are not a GROWN up

Once again, it does not matter how old you are, it will take a while before you are seen as an adult to your family. Some parents might even say, "As long as you live in my house, you live by my rules." We have all heard that phrase before, and it's probably the most hated phrase in the world. This can also become frustrating when you are trying to prove that you are old enough to do certain things. Don't worry too much about it. They will eventually come around and understand. Once that moment comes around, nothing will make you feel prouder. Until then, you have to still ask for permission to go out with your friends, even if you are 22.

Follow your older sibling’s advice

It might be hard at times to admit your older sibling is right, but it doesn't hurt to do it once in a while. Your sibling is your best friend. They know you better than anyone, maybe even better than they know themselves. While it might be tough to believe, they actually do know a lot from their own experiences, so take advantage of the advice. They also genuinely care about seeing you succeed because nothing makes them happier than seeing you thrive in school, life, etc.

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