Villanova School Year Anticipations

Yes, summer's ending, and while, for those still living at home, that only means one thing- SCHOOL. However, for college students returning back to campus, all they can think about is going home for the school year. As a Villanova student, here's what I can't wait for:

1. Tailgating.

Although you feel insanely dead at the end of the day, tailgates for sports (mainly basketball- GO CATS) are one of the most entertaining days of any sports season!

2. Consuming your weight in coffee at Holy Grounds.

Holy Grounds is the chain coffee shop all around Villanova. As well as having really good drinks and muffins, they also have amazing puns for all of their food and drinks!

3. Walking past the Church.

Whether you're religious or not, the church is by far the most beautiful structure on campus, and Villanova is famous for it. People wait years to get married there!

4. Eating at Connelly and Cafe Nova.

The dining halls aren't the worst, but they're not the best. Everyone's mouth is savoring for Conn grilled cheese/chicken fingers, no matter how unhealthy it is!

5. Hanging out at the Oreo.

During the spring semester, everyone knew when summer was coming when people started crawling out of their dorms to hang out on the quad and laying on the Oreo. One of the best feelings I've had all year was baking in the sun after class without a care in the world- I even forgot about finals!

6. Going to Philadelphia.

My friends and I went into Philadelphia at 3:00 AM twice during the school year, and let me tell you, they were some of the best nights of my life. However, going into Philly during the daytime is still pretty awesome, too. There's tons of stores to shop, museums to learn, and parks to walk around.

7. Having classes with my friends.

Having classes with your friends makes it go so much faster. My friends and I had Spanish together first semester and we all became so incredibly close because of it.

8. Attending club meetings.

Since your time is your own, you get to choose how many clubs you join and how often you go. I joined a lot of social justice clubs over the year and I love seeing all my activist friends when they attend!

9. Celebrating basketball season.

Obviously, going to Villanova, basketball is a BIG deal. Basketball season is our university's own extended Christmas!

10. Seeing my friends.

Living in Florida, I have not seen my friends all summer. Some of them live as far away as California! I cannot wait to squeeze each and every one of my friends when we get back.

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