The Best Things About Having Little Sisters

The Best Things About Having Little Sisters

They're so much more than just annoying younger siblings

They say the best things in life come free to us, this is especially true when it comes to being blessed with little sisters. I can't imagine life without sisters and if yours are anything like mine, then they are also your best friends. I have been realizing lately how lucky I am to be the oldest and all of the wonderful things about having younger ones.

They look up to you

Having younger sisters that look up to you can really keep you in check. You want to set a good example for them. You don't want your little sisters to see you making stupid decisions and acting like an idiot, so they are a constant reminder to be the best version of yourself.

Giving them advice

Everything that you have been through (good and bad) finally pays off when your little sister comes to you for advice. You have so many experiences that you learned from all on your own, so being able to pass that down to your sister when she really needs you makes it all worth it.

They keep you young

They are always up to date on the newest trends, music, Netflix shows, etc. My younger sisters' closets are 10 times cooler than mine and they are always reminding me not to steal their clothes when I leave the house. Whenever I want to watch a new movie or need fashion advice they always know what to tell me.

They bring out your protective side

As the oldest, you want to protect your little sisters from any kind of harm or pain. When you see them upset you want to just make it stop and find whoever or whatever it was that made them upset in the first place. It is good to be reminded that we all have that protective instill over people we love and having younger siblings brings it out for the best.

You learn more from them than you realize

As much as you think they are learning from you, you are really the one learning from them. If you ask them a question, they will give the most brutally honest answer whether it is what you want to hear or now. They always have a different way of looking at any situation and it can be eye opening to realize how wise they really are.

They are your biggest fans

Little sisters are always excited to support and encourage you. They hate seeing you down and are always there to cheer you up. They are the ones sitting front row at every dance recital, sports game, or competition and never forget to tell you how awesome you are.

Unconditional Love

You can fight like cats and dogs but at the end of the day they love you unconditionally. There are no boundaries when it comes to sisters. That means saying whatever you need to say whenever you need to say it. It's the most unique relationship because as mad as you can get at each other you always make up and are laughing before you know it.

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To The Dad Who Didn't Want Me, It's Mutual Now

Thank you for leaving me because I am happy.

Thank you, for leaving me.

Thank you, for leaving me when I was little.

Thank you, for not putting me through the pain of watching you leave.

Thank you, for leaving me with the best mother a daughter could ask for.

I no longer resent you. I no longer feel anger towards you. I wondered for so long who I was. I thought that because I didn't know half of my blood that I was somehow missing something. I thought that who you were defined me. I was wrong. I am my own person. I am strong and capable and you have nothing to do with that. So thank you for leaving me.

In my most vulnerable of times, I struggled with the fact that you didn't want me. You could have watched me grow into the person that I have become, but you didn't. You had a choice to be in my life. I thought that the fact that my own father didn't want me spoke to my own worth. I was wrong. I am so worthy. I am deserving, and you have nothing to do with that. So thank you for leaving me.

You have missed so much. From my first dance to my first day of college, and you'll continue to miss everything. You won't see me graduate, you won't walk me down the aisle, and you won't get to see me follow my dreams. You'll never get that back, but I don't care anymore. What I have been through, and the struggles that I have faced have brought me to where I am today, and I can't complain. I go to a beautiful school, I have the best of friends, I have an amazing family, and that's all I really need.

Whoever you are, I hope you read this. I hope you understand that you have missed out on one of the best opportunities in your life. I could've been your daughter. I could have been your little girl. Now I am neither, nor will I ever be.

So thank you for leaving me because I am happy. I understand my self-worth, and I understand that you don't define me. You have made me stronger. You have helped make me who I am without even knowing it.

So, thank you for leaving me.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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When You Are The Youngest Of 6 Kids

Having five older siblings is the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for. I get best friends for life.


I am probably one of the luckiest people on the planet because I have so many brothers and sisters. I have three brothers and two sisters. I'm the youngest of the six, so I have had a pretty interesting experience growing up with a big family.

My oldest brother is ten years older than me. All of my siblings were born in the 90s and I wasn't, but I wanted to fit in with them. I had to make sure I watched the same TV shows and movies that they did so I could relate to them. I tried to play the same games that they played, such as SEGA and Nintendo. I was not very good at any of them, but I was just happy to be with my siblings.

Going to school was always interesting because I always had a teacher that one or more of my siblings already had. Every year in school from 1st grade to 12th grade, I always heard, "Oh, I had a few of your siblings." Then, for the rest of the year, my teachers would slip up every once in a while and call me one of my sisters' names. I understood, though, because all of us look alike, so I would just go along with it and act like that was my name.

With my sisters, the three of us look like triplets, even though we are years apart. I get called Jess or Jen a lot by my parents. By process of elimination, they eventually figure out my name. I'm used to it as I respond to anyone who calls me by one of my sister's names.

Being the youngest, I get to see all my brothers and sisters accomplish many things. I watch what they do and learn from it. The problem for me has always been that all of my siblings are brilliant. I have always had to live up to the standards that my siblings set. It hasn't always been easy.

It can be frustrating because anyone that knows my brothers and sisters will automatically compare me to them in terms of intelligence. For example, I took AP Statistics in high school. I knew my teacher had a few of my siblings who were very bright and did well in that class. My teacher probably thought I was an idiot because I struggled in that class.

I have to try and prove to people that I am my own person and that I am just related to really smart people.

I never needed to worry about friends at school because, at the end of the day, I always had my five best friends at home. When we were all younger, we had our own sleepovers and parties, and we played games all the time.

Whenever I needed help with homework, I had my own free tutors at home who were willing to help me understand algebra and biology. Even in college, I still go to them when I need help with an assignment.

They took care of me when I was younger whenever my parents were working. I had my other five parents who were ready to take care of me. They still take care of me today.

Now that I am an adult, I have had to start doing things for myself. It's kind of weird.

I always had everyone else do everything for me or with me. If I needed to go somewhere, they were my chauffeurs. If we went out to eat somewhere, they paid, but now I can drive myself around and pay for things with my own money.

At the end of the day, I have five best friends for life. For me, that is all I need.

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