Things Everyone Hates About Flying

1) Rude Customers

One of my biggest pet peeves is someone who is rude to an employee. We're human and we make mistakes. It seems like other people aren't aware of that detail. A lot of people in my family (including myself) have worked in customer service and that is hands down the worst thing someone can do. Nothing makes you feel worse than having someone yelling at you while you're trying to do your job. Delayed flights, cancellations, and long layovers are frustrating but it's no one's fault, things just happen. Take it upon yourself to realize you're being harsh, apologize, and talk to the person like an actual person and not an animal.

2) Rude Employees

We know sometimes your day gets frustrating because you deal with us and we can be rude as well, but the last thing I need when something is going wrong with my flight is someone to give me attitude. When we arrived to check it, we learned we had been rebooked and our new flight wasn't leaving for another five hours. The employee helping us told us it wasn't her problem and to take it up with someone else. So, we did. The next employee was a sweetheart and got us onto a flight taking off only two hours after hours. What was the attitude for?

3) Random checks

They just suck. Sometimes they are for really dumb things, but they take up your time. Last year, while I was trying to go through TSA, I was pulled to the side along with my things. They made me go through the metal detector again before opening up my backpack. All of my things were taken out and the TSA agent swiped my backpack for any chemicals. The only thing the bottom of my backpack had was leftover crumbs from some goldfish I had. My things were scanned once more before they let me know the problem was because I didn't take out my laptop. A laptop caused this whole problem.

4) Everything is overpriced

Yes I'm going on vacation, no I don't have an unlimited amount of cash. So why does it always seem like everything on the starbucks menu is double what it usually is? And then you're on the plane, starving and tired. You check their inflight menu only to find you have to pay five dollars for a forty gram can of pringles. It seems like many customers would rather hear their tummy rumble rather than spend their money on anything in the airport or airplane.

5) Not being able to pet the dogs that work at the airport

I know they have a duty to sniff out suspicious items but you're asking too much from me. I would love nothing more than to let that dog get on it's back so I can rub their tummy. But when I make eye contact with their vest that reads in block letters "Do Not Pet," I feel my heart break a little.

6) Annoying people on the plane

No babies. I love kids, I think they're great, fun, and adorable. I don't want them on a flight if they're under four. I don't want to hear crying or whining. I don't want my chair being kicked or things constantly rolling under my feet. But what's worse than babies? Adults who act like babies. Oh, you need both arm rests, not today buddy. You're giving me both if I'm sitting in the middle because I don't have any leg room. Also, speaking of leg room, close your legs!!! You do not deserve any of my leg space because you're a guy and you need the room. I don't care if you're seven feet tall, stay in your own space. Don't even think about falling asleep on my shoulder because I will wake you up with a shove.

7) To sum up...

Don't be rude to me, I won't be rude to you. Tell me why I've been picked for the TSA check. I won't get mad, I just want to help you if I can. Let me pet the puppies, please! And most importantly, be a person people want to sit by on a plane. Don't make me regret picking this seat.

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