For the first time in awhile, I started reading a book I had put down some time ago. While reading, I thought I need to read more often like I used too and It made me think of other things everyone should do more often.

We know what is right and wrong for us but we all need occasional reminders. Doing these things can really make a difference, you don’t even have to do them every day, but doing these even a few times a week or even in a month will make a great change in your life!

Here are 16 things, in no particular order that we should all be doing (myself included) more often:

1. Read more

Read actual books. Read anything really. It’s good to increase your knowledge outside of your studies. There's a lot of lessons and things about yourself you can learn through books. It’s a great investment of your time.

2. Disconnect from all technology

Turn off your phones. Try separating yourself from social media and see the changes it could have on you.

3. Spend more time with family

Commit to making time for people in your life you love. It’s a need to have human interaction and it’s very beneficial to build good relationships with your family.

4. Get dressed up

I know we all love being comfy! But it's always fun has to wear a little lipstick for no good reason.

5. Make time for yourself

Our emotional and physical well-being is important too. Treat yourself from time to time.

6. Call your relatives

From time to time, it’s a good thing to call your family and tell them you love you! Talk to them about your day and theirs. It’s important to care and make people feel calved in your life.

7. Explore nature/the world

Go for more walks or hikes. See the world around you and don’t just stay in bed binge-watching a tv show. It’s nice to go out and breathe fresh air. This can give you inspiration for various things.

8. Make someone laugh

It’s always nice to start a chain of kindness. Be the reason someone smiles today.

9. Go to coffee shops

Coffee shops are my fair tire thing. I want to visit small and local coffee shops as much as i can! You can really learn about the culture around you and it’s actually very nice to just sit down and do your work or even just grab a coffee by yourself.

10. Do things that make you happy

Don’t just base your life around other people. You are also dependent on yourself and only you know what truly makes you happy. Go take that dance class you’re too scared about or start the YouTube channel you’ve always wanted. Do things for yourself!

11. Try new foods

Trying new foods is a wonderful experience. Who doesn’t want to do this?

12. Write thank-you notes

Thank you notes set you apart. It’s a very generous act and everyone should do these and practice this in their daily lives.

13. Donate

Donate clothes, books, toys to needy children, food, and even blood. Be a giving person, not only will you feel better about yourself but you will help others.

14. Defeat procrastination

Being productive is a goal of many. Make it a priority to get things done on time!

15. Think before speaking

Your words can have a great impact on people and events. Speak with kindness and reasoning.

16. Be grateful

We need to stop complaining so much and start every day with a grateful heart.

Reading this list doesn’t mean you have to act out on every suggestion I made, but I’m finding ways to include these in my everyday life and I hope you do too! It’s the small things that make a huge difference and make us happy in life.