Things To Do When You Can't Sleep
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6 Things To Do When You Can't Fall Asleep At Night

Because a good night's sleep is overrated anyways.

Kinga Cichewicz

Don't you just love the feeling of laying down in your own bed after a super long day, ready to sleep for a good 12 hours or so? Yeah, me too. Except when I'm exhausted, 90% of the time I just can't seem to fall asleep. Maybe it's because I'm still wound up from my shift, or maybe it's because my body hates me. I may never know. If you're like me and can't seem to pass out at a relatively decent hour, try these things to help you get a somewhat decent night of sleep.

1. Watch YouTube videos.

YouTube is lowkey better than Netflix or Hulu. A lot of big YouTubers post videos once or twice a week, and chances are if you're new to their channel, you'll have a lot of content to catch up on. You could take the beauty guru route (I see you James Charles and Jeffree Star) or if you're looking for a quirkier experience, try Emma Chamberlain, Shane Dawson or Tana Mongeau.

2. Think about all the things you don't want to think about during the day.

I swear, the worst thoughts and memories come crawling back to the surface when it's nighttime and all you want to do is sleep. Your asshole of an ex? That math midterm you failed two years ago? Why that cute guy from the gym never texted you back? That argument you had with your best friend at 1:32pm on October 23rd, 2014? Maybe instead of trying to push those thoughts away, embrace them. Perhaps it'll tire you out enough to where you can't help but pass out.

3. Make multiple playlists on Spotify that you'll probably never use.

I'd like to say I'm so organized to the point where I have all my music perfectly curated into their own playlists, assorted by my mood or genre. But sadly, I'm lazy and have too short of an attention span to ever complete one. There's plenty of playlists that sit on my account, never to be finished or listened to again. But, in the moment, they're pretty entertaining to start.

4. The reliable Netflix or Hulu.

Even if you've already watched every show on one of these streaming sites, you can still put on one of your favorites solely for background noise. I recommend "The Breakfast Club" (can't go wrong with a classic) or "Gossip Girl" (because I somehow find my way back to it at least once a year).

5. Find a new addictive game on your phone. 

Real-life footage of my Candy Crush addiction

I've never been too into playing games on my phone (minus the phase where I played the Kim Kardashian game obsessively). However, Candy Crush Soda Saga has had me hooked for the past three years. If matching virtual candy isn't your jam, Suduko or Solitaire is mildly entertaining every once in a while.

6. Raid your kitchen for a late night snack.

Personally, food is always the answer to my problems—so why wouldn't it help solve my insomnia? If you're feeling bold, bust out a baking pan and make some fresh cookies! There's no better time than past midnight! Just make sure you don't wake up the people in your house that are actually capable of falling asleep at a reasonable hour.

Now I'm not saying these six things will work (in fact, they probably won't at all), but at least you'll have something to do while you wait for your body and mind to let you sleep and dream in peace.

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