15 Ridiculous Things College Made Me Do

15 Ridiculous Things College Made Me Do

Drastic times call for drastic measures... and college can get pretty drastic.


Public Service Announcement: I am not what many would consider "fun". I do not party nor do I get anywhere close to drugs or drinking so if you are expecting crazy drunken mistakes or flirty mishaps, this isn't the list for you. This will be filled with very lame, very tame mishaps made by yours truly. And while I would love to use the excuse of being drunk before doing some of these profoundly ridiculous things, I must admit, I was always completely sober. With that being said, enjoy my experiences.

1. Made a homemade bandage.

Truthfully, this was more of my roommate's mistake. She fell and ended up with a pretty large gash on her arm. It was late at night so there wasn't much we could do. The only supplies we had were tiny band-aids that covered practically none of the injury. So I grabbed two small band-aids and a napkin and used the band-aids to tape the napkin to her arm. Improvisation.

2. Bought underwear because I didn't want to do laundry.

I am still pleased with my purchase.

3. Qualified a Ritz cracker sleeve as a nutritional dinner.

And hopefully, my mom will never find out.

4. Wrote "LOL" in an essay after an unintentional pun.

Then I forgot to delete it before turning it in. Do not do this. Apparently, it's "unprofessional".

5. Considered dancing in the shower exercise.

But, I didn't fall so I say that's pretty successful.

6. Had a full blown mental breakdown on the gross bathroom floor.

That's bound to happen, right?

7. Threw my phone across a completely full gym.

I cannot even explain how I managed this, so I will refrain from trying.

8. Watched as a door whacked me in the face.

I didn't even stop it. I hadn't slept the night before. And lots of people witnessed it.

9. Fell off the bed whilst reaching for cough drops.

It was a hard day.

10. Fell off the desk chair during a serious conversation with my roommates.

That's one way to switch up a conversation.

11. Turned a late night convenience store run into a dance party.

My roommate and I got a lot of stares from middle-aged strangers and it was great fun.

12. Used a compass to get to class

Quite innovative if I do say so myself.

13. Walked the long way to the dorms to avoid geese.

They are evil, so, I do not regret this.

14. Stood on elevated surfaces and sang "The Climb" on the top of my lungs.

Granted, this is something I would do any day.

15. Turned the stairway into a Broadway show.

It was an 8 o'clock showing, starring me and my roommate, and it got 5 stars.

Since December is rolling around, so are finals and the end of my first semester of college. While lots of silly things have happened, last minute decisions, improvisations, or no-sleep-induced mishaps, this semester has been great. And it has been very fun for me to log all the ridiculous and semi-foolish things I've experienced since the start of my college career. While I only have 15 posted here, I assure you there are more. I am always happy to provide laughter at my own expense, so I hope my little oopsies have served as a way to make you smile today. Happy living!

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