8 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Hotel Stay

Most of us stay in hotels when traveling to places more than three or four hours from home. Most guests enjoy a nice hotel but do not really consider it for anything other than a comfortable place to sleep before/ at the end of a long day. While hotels certainly are places to sleep- they can also be a source of relaxation and fun for a vacation. If you wanted to return back to the hotel in the early afternoon, or spend a fun morning there, there are certainly ways to get the most for what you are paying for.

1. Make use of the pool/ spa

A lot of motels have a pool and a jacuzzi. Pools are so fun to cool off in during a hot day and jacuzzis are a super relaxing way to unwind in the evening.

2. Hit the gym

Hotel gyms are usually not crowded and can be a great start to your morning - especially if you were sitting in a long car ride the day before.

3. Eat the complimentary breakfast

I know a lot of people normally skip breakfast- but why not enjoy some waffles and fruit- you probably already paid for it anyway.

4. Ask the front desk for suggestions

They probably get asked to recommend food/things to do/etc. all the time. Plus, they'll have gotten feedback on those areas from other guests.

5. Room Service

Spoil yourself by ordering in room service and a movie. No cooking, no cleaning, and you get to relax in bed! Win-win-win!

6.Use the hotel bar 

If you're legal and just looking to unwind with a few drinks and your friends-why not use the hotel bar? You won't have to pay for an Uber there or figure out how to get back later when you can't remember the name of the hotel.

7. Nap

Vacation can be tiring and you paid for that room so who cares if you use it for an extra hour during the day.

8. Enjoy yourself

It's your vacation! Weather you lounge by the hotel pool or spend your days out and about - whatever is fun for you and your friends is all that counts!

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