17 Things People Who Love Planning Can Relate To
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17 Things People Who Love Planning Can Relate To

That 99% of the population doesn't understand.

17 Things People Who Love Planning Can Relate To
Memory Bound Scrapbook Story, 2016

Do you love making to-do lists, buying your planner for the school year, and religiously tracking your day-to-day activities with your Google Calendar? Then congratulations, you’re officially a (semi)professional planner that makes up the small population that enjoys planning their day from top to bottom. Let me guess, your friends probably think you’re insane for ~loving~ everything and anything that has to do with planning every hour of your life? Well, for the 99 percent of the population that enjoys living spontaneously, here’s an inside look of what “planners” do on a day to day basis.

1. They invest in ~quality~ planners (and have a collection to prove it).

2. They know that hard copy planners are not enough and that Google Calendar is the most almighty.

3. Their Google Calendar is color-coded and separated into various calendars (work, school, extracurricular, jobs, internship , “free time”)

4. Yes, they schedule possible free time. Therefore, spontaneous plans are not as spontaneous as they seem.

5. In fact, if your group of friends want to plan a fun weekend away, your “planner” friend will ensure that your entire weekend is planned from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. to ensure to the ultimately level of fun. Because what's more fun than planned fun?!

6. “I’m not sure if I’m free, but I’ll check my schedule,” is their tagline.

7. There’s no one better at planning their class schedule (they’ve got about five full class schedules prepared just in case anything goes wrong).

8. And there’s no one else who loves to talk about their schedules .. and talk … and talk … and you could be close to falling asleep but they’ll still be talking .

9. Event Planning as a major hasn’t really crossed their minds, that is until they realized that they’ve been doing that their entire life.

9. Professors who are unsure about their paper/midterm/quizzes/final test dates give them anxiety . They like to plan their weeks, months in advance, therefore not knowing when their final exam is taking place is ~upsetting~.

10. They cannot be friends with ~shady~ people. If you say you’re free on one date, then bail on plans... don’t think this friendship can work out. I mean, they scheduled you in, in their Google Calendar!

11. Then again… sometimes nothing is better that cancelled plans. Free time when you least expected it? Wow, best day ever!

12. Planning every bit of their four years of undergraduate education (classes, internships, study abroad, jobs) are considered “fun”.

13. But they get upset when a class they’re trying to attend or an event they want to go to is too far ahead to be booked ahead of time.

14. They replay every incorrect answer they've stated in class. “I should have planned for this!” probably went through their head multiple times.

15. However, most times they can predict when pop quizzes will be held. “According to the dates of previous pop quizzes it seems that one pop quiz will be held every 3 weeks after a new lesson is learned. That means I’ll need to study this weekend because a pop quiz will be held this Tuesday,” is a strategy that has proved very helpful.

16. The first thing they think of when they get asked to go out on the weekend is, “Hm... I don’t know if I have anything to wear,” and then will immediately begin planning their soon to be outfit in their head.

17. Their friends are under the assumption that they have their whole life together. They don't, maybe the next 25 years... but whole life, not yet.

Be friends with these planning loving people because they’re reliable, trustworthy, and always on top of their assignments. They will help you organize your life and in times of stress they will be your go to. They can teach you how to think ahead, prepare rigorously for anything and everything, and are some of the best improvisers you've even seen. But also, be their friend because they need help putting down the planner and learning how to live ~spontaneously~ and in the moment .

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