I realize that every body type has its struggles, it is inevitable. However, from personal experience, having thick thighs is such a hassle!

1. Chafing

The ABSOLUTE worst! Whether you are wearing a skirt, dress, or shorts, chafing is awful. It always seems to happen to me at theme parks and then my day is just super painful and by the end of the night, the inside of my thighs are literally raw. And for me, I have found that the only thing that works to prevent it is to just wear pants or capris.

2. Trying To Get Jeans To Fit Right

Jeans are not thick thigh's friends. If you find a pair of jeans that fit your thighs, they are too big on your waist. If you find jeans that fit your waist, they are too tight on your thighs. And also, maybe it is just me, but, high-waisted doesn't work either.

3. Pants Ripping

Since our thick thighs rub together constantly, the poor fabric of our pants can't take it! The rubbing is constantly wearing away at the fabric and sooner or later they rip (typically much sooner than you would like). So many great pants lost to this sad tragedy!

4. Things Don't Look The Same

Seeing clothes in a picture on someone and then seeing the same thing on yourself, it is just not the same. Some styles just don't work with the thick thighs. While this sucks, thick thighs can rock some killer outfits!

Basically, thick thighs are a lot to handle. They come with a lot of inconveniences. But also, rock those thighs, girls! No matter what type of body you have, there are things that suck about it, but there are even more things that are amazing! Embrace it! Embrace those thick thighs!