Ladies, You Should Know Being A Thick Girl Was NOT Always Great

Ladies, You Should Know Being A Thick Girl Was NOT Always Great

"Representation definitely matters, and although I wish it was around when I was younger, it's better late than never."

For as long as I can remember I have been on the "chubby" side of the body spectrum. This didn't bother me really, until I reached middle and high school. Finding clothes that fit me just right and feeling comfortable was an everyday struggle.

I wanted to be like every other teenage girl and be in style. During that time, Hollister and Abercrombie were huge! I remember going into those dimly lit stores, practically suffocating from the perfume that they sprayed like clock-work, wanting a pair of those jeans so badly. I grabbed a few of the largest size they went up to, which at the time was only a 9. I thought, "I can fit into these; a 9 is definitely big enough". Boy, was I wrong. Those jeans did not even make it past my knees. EVERY. SINGLE. PAIR. I hated shopping. Fitting rooms seemed like a dream for every other girl there. But for me... I thought this is surely what hell must be like.

It seemed that all of these stores were making clothes for one type of girl, and they were the ones that were displayed in their windows and on their bags: tall and thin.

So, I suffered through middle in high school in low-rise jeans where the pockets sat on the back of my thighs instead of my actual butt. Jeans that suffocated my legs and gaped around my waist. I forgot to mention that I live in Florida where its blazing and humid almost all year 'round. I wore shirts that were too long because having a short torso wasn't a thing back then, apparently. This is when leggings became a huge game changer. I know so many people say leggings aren't pants, but for me and a lot of other Thick-Thighed-Gals, these were life savers; especially in the hot air that is the south.

Fast forward to the year 2018, a decade later, and I must say I am so thankful for the way that the fashion industry has grown. Grown in terms of being body inclusive, as well as representing different races and skin tones. I can finally go to the store and enter the fitting room without dreading it. Jeans are made in more than just low-rise (barf), which is great for those of us with big butts. It helps jeans stay up where they're supposed to. Shirts aren't all made in one size fits all. My favorite part is that there are girls that look like me in the ads with a little extra thigh, booty, and hip action. It makes you feel like you can be included in looking nice and being in style.

Women like Iskra Lawrence and Ashley Graham have made a huge impact on the modeling industry.

It's nice to scroll through my Instagram feed and see ladies that look like me and are killing it. For so long the modeling and fashion industry has belonged to thin, mostly white, women. Today I love my curves and being able to be comfortable showing them off. Representation definitely matters, and although I wish it was around when I was younger, it's better late than never.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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5 Things To Remember About Weight Loss

Don't obsess.

I recently just restarted my healthy lifestyle, as I had previously lost weight, but sadly gained much of it back. I have noticed many things since restarting and some of the things with how I used to try to be "healthy" are scary. But In this I will also mention a few positive things that I really enjoy about a healthy lifestyle! Now before you read mind that I AM NOT A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. I also am not trying to tell you how or why to work out. I am just giving my point of view and what I have learned from personal experience. Everyone is different.

1. Obsessive habits.

This one is scariest because I think back to when I first lost all my weight to now. Back when I first started I fixed this habit but I caught myself doing it again. For me the obsessive habit was calorie counting. Now it is totally fine to track your calories. But sometimes, it gets to be totally unhealthy. You stop listening to your body due to what you're reading on a screen. I use myfitnesspal, and I love the app. It is cool how it tells you "what you'd weigh in 5 weeks if everyday were like this". But for me I grew to be obsessive over staying under or exactly at so many calories a day. I was eating less than I should, or eating way to similar meals and foods that were making me sick. Eventually I listened to my body and felt better eating a variety, but of course the same thing every day, and it being such small things was bad. I have balanced myself better and don't get upset if I have a variety or go over my calorie limit once and awhile.

2. You feel happier.

Now I suffer from depression and anxiety. But I will say working out makes me a lot happier, and more positive. Sure it doesn't cure it, and I do have my days I skip the gym cause I'd rather be sleeping or at home hiding away. But you feel happier, more positive even if you're sweating and look like a swamp monster after walking out to your car from your Monday night cardio sesh.

3.If you need a mental health day take it, it isn't something to cry over.

I used to force myself to go to the gym everyday or workout every day. That wasn't terrible but some days I really got myself worked up over nothing because I needed one day to rest. If you need to take a break, TAKE IT. You deserve it. A break day or rest day is not a bad thing. Do not beat yourself up over not going every single day, cause working out to much can be damaging to your mental health.

4. Yoga helps.

So I chose to start yoga, as it relaxes me. It helps me feel better when my anxiety or depression is making me not want to get out to the gym or do my usual workouts. It is a great relaxer and mental break. Youtube has plenty of yoga videos and different types to try. Trust me, try yoga if you're able, it will make you feel more relaxed!

5. Don't obsess over the scale.

I am still trying to break this habit. As I am bad about obsessing over weight loss things (see number one). The scale shouldn't be your only indicator of your body and health. Listen to your body, and your mind. It isn't worth getting upset over. I know plenty of people who never weigh themselves. They just listen to their body or how their clothing fits. I choose to weight myself monthly as that is how I keep a happy medium balance with my scale. No love-hate relationship with it.

Cover Image Credit: Kyle Johnson

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College Taught Me These 4 Important Lessons About My Body

I've always been the kind of person who felt awkward when I ate in front of people, like they would judge me if I only ate a bag of chips and a Hostess Cupcake for lunch.

Being in college taught me the most about body images and how to treat my body properly. I always knew that there were false representations of bodies in the media and i knew those nuggets from McDonald's would eventually kill me, but it didn't truly register until I was on my own and no one had to remind me of these things. Experiencing the world for myself let me create my own interpretations often world around me and taught me more about my body than ever before.

1. Hydration is key

Water is the best thing for your metabolism and your skin. Ever since I started prioritizing drinking water and making it a part of my daily routine over soda and other drinks, my skin has improved drastically and my metabolism has been amazing, so drinking lots of water helps improve your health in many ways!

2. Food is okay

I've always seen food as a bad thing, especially since people started counting calories, but in reality, anything in moderation is good for you. I've always been the kind of person who felt awkward when I ate in front of people, like they would judge me if I only ate a bag of chips and a Hostess Cupcake for lunch, but anymore, I have realized that all food is good for your body as long as it's in moderation. You can eat what you want as long as you aren't purging, you feel? If you want to eat that cookie, then eat the cookie! No one should judge you by what or how you eat because your appetite is completely normal and good for your body. Food nourishes your body so don't be afraid to eat!

3. Weights over cardio

When I would work out in high school, I would always hit the elliptical and I would never see a drastic change in my body. In college, I learned that lifting and squatting weights literally changes how your body looks for the better. It's definitely hard work, but to me, it's not as hard as constant cardio!

4. Your body is perfect

The main thing I have learned about bodies and body image is that everyone has a beautiful body. Yes, there are always going to be ways to get healthier and take care of yourself as a whole, but in reality, everyone has a beautiful body and I love how humans are all so different in that way. I love walking around and seeing every body-type in shorts and a crop top because they know they're beautiful.

LIKE, YES GIRL, SHOW OFF THAT CONFIDENCE! Remember, you are BEAUTIFUL and you were made to be different than everyone else. It took me so long to realize that I didn't need to conform to what society tells me my body should look like. My curves are beautiful and yours are, too!!

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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