For My Parents: You're More Than I Deserve
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For My Parents: You're More Than I Deserve

I thank God for you.

For My Parents: You're More Than I Deserve

I have been blessed with the best parents in the world. They have taught me the importance of honesty, kindness and hard work. They have loved me at my absolute worst. They taught me that God is in control. My parents are, without a doubt, my biggest blessing in this life. This is for them.

She stands 5'1. She clothes herself in flowing dresses with wavy hair falling around her shoulders.

She is a gentle whisper in the still of night. She is the calm in the storm.

She's a tearful goodbye and when she loves you, she loves you well.

She is the soft prayer over her children.

She is a sweet voice singing gospel songs while doing dishes in the old house she made a home.

She is the bloom of flowers in the spring and the gentle fire in the winter. She is like freshly baked cookies and like a cold drink of water to a dying man.

She is selfless. She is graceful. She is altogether beautiful.

She is a daughter. She is an aunt. She is a cousin. She is a grandmother.

She is my mother.

She is the best mother.

He stands proudly, though the years have worn out his body. He stands with strong shoulders and a strong back. He has curly, unruly hair.

He has worked in the hot Texas sun most of his life, wearing down his body to provide for his family.

He is a leader. He is careful in all he does. When he commits to something, he commits for the long haul.

He is an honest man. His "Yes" means yes and his "No" means no.

He is the dutiful provider and the calussed hands that have made a living doing hard labor.

He is the prayer over dinner and a worthy leader. He is a faithful man; a man that one can trust.

He is a son. He is an uncle. He is a cousin. He is a grandfather.

He is my father.

He is the best father.

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