When I say that a band has a better live show than All Time Low, then you better believe that they're good, because I love All Time Low more than ANYTHING on this earth.

First off, The Wrecks, in total, have only nine songs out, but this didn't stop them from going on a headlining tour and putting on a captivating show from start to finish. To fill the holes, they played a few songs that haven't been released yet, and even played a cover song.

I had the pleasure of seeing these lovely dudes at Delmar Hall over the weekend, and it started out only going because tickets were only $16 - and we had already seen them before back in April when they opened up for this band called The Maine, who are also amazing, if you don't know who they are.

"Favorite Liar" and "James Dean" are my absolute favorite songs by these boys - so when they played them (almost back to back) I POPPED off, and only got like 30 seconds of each on video, but that's alright cause I had the best time.

Nick, the lead singer, didn't stay still in one spot, except for when he played an acoustic song. But, he was all over the stage, and even in the crowd. Yep.

During a few songs, he jumped down by the barricade and stood on it, holding hands with some people and nearly falling into the pit - where I believe he would've been eaten alive because that pit was WILD.

What made the whole performance even better, and kind of badass, honestly, was the fact that Nick was sick with like a sore throat type thing. That didn't even stop him from going hard, screaming and hitting some high notes, but by the end, his throat was nearly killed. His voice was raspy and you could tell it was on its last leg.

These guys are similar in sound to All Time Low, Waterparks and State Champs, so if you like those bands or have seen them live before, then The Wrecks are right up your alley, and you don't want to miss out!

Aside from their music, the guys are also super sweet and down to earth as well.

One of our friends won a game show and his prize was a signed shirt, and while we were waiting after the show for him to get it signed because he had gotten us merch for another show we couldn't go to, we decided to pop outside and say hello to some of the other members that were hanging around. Let me just say that these boys braved the St. Louis weather, which speaks volumes.

Nick Anderson from The WrecksMegan Courtney

Pictured above is Nick, the lead singer, who was a TOTAL SWEETHEART. I told him a story, which is kinda funny now looking back on it. When we saw The Maine in April, The Wrecks were the openers, and Nick jumped into the crowd to crowd surf. He ended up falling on me, and popped my neck, and it hurt for like three days...he laughed and apologized, but I couldn't keep a straight face while I was telling the story.

Bottom line is, if you don't know who these guys are, you are missing out because their music is bomb, and they're nice boys, what's not to love? Check them out! What are you waiting for?