Just "The Tourney" Things
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Just "The Tourney" Things

If you are from Minnesota, you will understand.

Just "The Tourney" Things

If you are from Minnesota, you are aware of the hype of "The Tourney" that rolls around each March. It is The State of Hockey after all so what else would you expect? Here are fifteen, just "The Tourney" things:

1. It is the REAL "Great Minnesota Get Together"-

People from the whole state of Minnesota head to St. Paul to attend the annual Boy's State Hockey Tournament. But how many people go? Well, the attendance on Saturday night for the Championship game alone was 21,485. That's better than the average attendance of almost every NHL team this season. Just let that sink in. High school hockey gained a larger audience than an NHL team. Yep. The overall attendance for the entire tournament was more than 100,000 people.

2. Choosing which team you are going to cheer for based off of the hair-

Obviously, if your city/town is lucky enough to make it into The Tourney, you are going to cheer for them. But, if your team was shut down, you may have a hard time deciding who to cheer on. Well, many people let the hockey hair decide that one.

3. "Section 207"-

There is always that one section up in the 200s level that cheers for themselves. They even have a Twitter.

4. A high school hockey player's name trends on Twitter-

Yep, thats right. A high school kid's name was trending all over Twitter during the championship game. It may have had something to do with the fact that he got a hat trick, but still when you really think about it that is definitely something that would only happen at "The Tourney."

5. Watched in 37 countries and all 50 states-

This is actually insane if you think about it. A HIGH SCHOOL hockey tournament. So cool. All thanks to Channel 45.

6. The Expo-

But did you really go to "The Tourney" if you didn't step foot in The Expo? I don't think so.

7. The Dedicated Fans-

The student sections who travel for miles, and even those who decide to stand out. They give it all they have to cheer on the boys.

8. The Overtimes-

Sometimes it's just one, sometimes it's five. You never know when it's going to happen.

Hermantown and MAML battled it out through double-overtime in the Class A championship game.

You can't forget about the 5 overtime hard fought battle between Apple Valley and Duluth East in the 1996 semi-finals.

9. The High School Bands-

You never see the true dedication of a band kid until The Tourney rolls around.

10. The All Hockey Hair Team-

Definitely the best tradition of The Tourney. The hair under the helmets is what it's all about.

11. The Cellys-

After a goal, after a win. These boys have waited all of their life to perform their signature cellys on The Tourney stage.

Here is Class AA State Champs, Grand Rapids killing the celly game.

You've got "The Hawk" or "Snow-Angel" from Hermantown after their Championship win.

Here you have St. Cloud Cathedral doing the "chest pat." The facial expression is even on point.

Here you have the goaltender of Grand Rapids celebrating the win. I didn't know that a goalie could jump so high.

A classic celly from Lakeville South.

Not technically a "celly," but it just had to get put in here.

12. The Broadcasters-

You know their names, you know their voices. They have been there for years and probably still will be for many more.

13. The Ticket Lines-

Sometimes it can take hours, wouldn't be surprised if it even took days. The dedication that Minnesota High School hockey fans have is real.

14. The Upsets-

Nothing is better than a good upset, especially when St. Thomas is beaten.

15. The Memories-

The memories made at The Tourney by both the players and the fans are just simply unforgettable.

"Re-live the best moments from the 2017 Minnesota High School Boys Hockey Tournament with the annual music video of the best hits, fans, signs, characters and goals from this year's amazing four days in Saint Paul."

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