These Next Four Years
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These Next Four Years

"It doesn't matter if you're black, brown, or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriotism." - President Donald J Trump

These Next Four Years
Christopher Burns

These next four years will be interesting. We took a big risk voting for Donald J. Trump. He's a wildcard. No one is really sure what he's going to do. America was built on risk taking, though. Charging into the unknown, doing what others thought was impossible. Just making it by on our own, wit and guts. Always the dark horse that no one saw coming.

Things are going to change. That's the only constant in these next four years. Whether it will be good or bad is unknown. Trump talks a good game, but talk only gets you so far. Trump has an amazing way of delivering a powerful patriotic message of revitalizing our crumbling economy, strengthening our military, bringing a winning spirit and a pride in our country back. Something we've been missing since Obama took office.

For eight years now there's been no guts. Just let down after let down. Unemployment is still high, businesses were leaving the states. Middle-class families are still struggling. The Affordable Care Act made healthcare anything but if you still have a private plan. We have a massive racial divide that started long before Trump decided to run for office thanks to the actions of the "peaceful" protesters in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland. Obama enabled them. He never condemned their actions as they destroyed their cities for no reason. When five Dallas Police officers were murdered during a BLM protest he said nothing, didn't even light up the White House in blue lights to honor the fallen officers, and before anyone says, "He legalized gay marriage, though." He strong armed that through by using the Supreme Court. That is not how our government works. Judges do not make the laws, they only decide whether or not the law is unconstitutional or not.

The hate that runs rampant in this country is not Trump's fault. The media, celebrities, they're just fueling the fire and then they blame it all on Trump. I've listened to his speeches, there was no hate speech. I heard a man so in love with America that he wants to help resurrect it. The only hate speech I've really been hearing is from the left, liberals crying and screaming racism, bigotry, and general intolerance to anyone who is on the right, but they miss the hypocrisy of it all. They are being exactly what they accuse us of. As they call for the death of cops and hashtag "Rape Melania" on Twitter. They say Trump would destroy America. Trump's not going to destroy America because they're the ones destroying it. It's not Trump supporters breaking windows of stores, setting cars and trash cans on fire, burning American flags. They are, the liberals, they're the ones that are destroying property, attacking Trump supporters and cops. But it's all Trumps fault because if he wasn't elected there would be no riots. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. It's not his fault, never was. It's their fault, they're responsible for their actions. Stop blaming Trump.

Trump's a multi-billionaire businessman. You don't make that kind of money with just talk. You have to get into the nitty gritty and fight your way to the top. Trump's done that his entire life to build his company up. He knows what it's like to work long hours trying to make a buck. He has more real world experience than most politicians. He has a better grip on what the blue collar middle-class family has to deal with than most presidents. We'll see what he can accomplish, the democrats will stall every chance they get. It'll be hard for him to get legislation across so don't be surprised if it takes him longer to get his agenda into written law and don't be so quick to call him out on not following through because of that. There's not much he can do when someone else is holding up the legislation.

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