I'm sick of politics.

There, I said it.

I get it. Politics are a part of life. They are important and I am aware of the responsibility to vote and I will take pride in my freedom to do so. I am aware of the need stay up to date on what the politicians voted in are doing in their fancy ties every single day. Politics have and will always be...

But that doesn't stop me from being completely sick of picking up my phone and reading the next slanderous article about someone in political power. It doesn't stop me from being infuriated over the immaturity of those who can't agree to disagree with varying political views. It doesn't stop me from wanting to chuck a brick at the next person who disrespects this country because the person they voted for wasn't elected. It doesn't stop me from wondering why the heck we can't have a decent conversation today without bringing up tweets a certain politician tweeted. It doesn't stop me from wanting to walk out of my college classrooms because my psychology courses about children and disabilities become fueled with POLITICS.

I'm fed up.

Why does everything revolve around politics these days? Why are we fighting with one another over decisions that happened months ago? Why is everyone so caught up in slandering people they don't exactly agree with? Why is it that kids today bully and fight with other kids over political standpoints they don't even remotely understand? Why are politics unhealthily invading classrooms, churches, workplaces, billboards, the grocery store, Facebook... and everywhere else? I can't even pick up my phone these days without seeing something political.

Why does everything have to revolve around whether you are a Conservative or Liberal?

Just a few days ago I walked by 2 students standing toe-to-toe in my college campus's quad arguing over who deserved to be elected president... The election was nearly 6 months ago and besides regardless of who deserved it or not, there is no changing who was elected, so why is it relevant? Why are people still using their energy to argue over a matter that won't change for at least another 3 years?

I just don't get it. I can't seem to understand what gives politics the power to consume our every waking move.

Why do we give politics the power to determine who our friends are, where we attend church and what news station we watch?

When did we get the idea that whoever doesn't believe the same things we do deserves to be shunned from our lives (or simply de-friended on Facebook)? Did we ever think that maybe, just maybe, the person we dislike because of a differing political belief is a good person?

Politics DO NOT determine good and bad people. They don't deserve or get that kind of power.

I don't care what anyone says. I have multiple friends who have huge hearts. Some donate to charities, stand for wonderful things, love people, would give me the clothes off of their back if it came down to it and still have some similar political beliefs as me. But they don't believe everything I do. And that's OK!

When did it become unacceptable and impossible to love someone who isn't the same as you, or doesn't think like you do?

I don't have it all figured out nor do I act as if I do. But I do know something and that is that there is something more to this life than politics....

Each of us are put on this earth for a reason, I believe that with all of my heart. I know that there are people who make bad decisions but I can't stand here and tell you that I think anyone is a "bad person."

Life was breathed into each of us, Conservatives and Liberals. We weren't put here to worship Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. We weren't put here to be a number in elections. We were put here to do good things, to love people and to be impactful with our words and the way we live our every day lives.

We are here to give others a reason to remember us as someone who was more than the way they were registered to vote.

We are only given so many days and we never know when our last breath will be taken. We aren't promised tomorrow. We must make every single moment count.

We must stand up for the good but also know when to hold our tongues. We must march for what we believe in and respect those who sit out. We must vote for what we think it best but respectfully face defeat when our candidate doesn't come out on top.

A friendship is't worth losing over politics. A mean argument isn't worth having over politics. A slanderous word isn't worth being spoken over politics. A loss of reputation isn't worth losing over politics. A distasteful Facebook isn't even worth posting over politics....

Be friends with the Conservative if you're a Liberal and vice versa. I promise you won't regret it. Life is so much more than a political agenda. Find your reason to live and live for it. Don't give politics the power to control you and I can guarantee you will be a better and happier person.