February is here, winter break is over, and it's time to get back into the swing of school. Of course, that means a new semester with new professors, new schedules, and new opportunities. Everyone's favorite residents of Tree Hill, N.C. have been through it all. From basketball championships to kidnappings, they've lived the most exciting, yet simultaneously mundane, lives ever. So clearly, they know all too well what the beginning of the semester is like.

1. The first night of syllabus week.

2. Realizing the professor who got great reviews is actually going to be the bane of your existence.

3. Being told "the readings are mandatory."

4. When the bars are too crowded the first weekend.

5. Realizing syllabus week is over and you actually have to do things.

6. When people take the seat you picked on the first day.

7. Being assigned groups in class.

8. Re-adjusting to life without your mom's cooking.

9. When your only friend in the class drops it.

10. Asking a question in class and being told "it's on the syllabus."

11. Thinking about how much you miss your dog.

13. Returning to your favorite bars and restaurants around campus.

14. Missing your friends who went abroad.

15. Trying to get used to your new, jam-packed schedule.

16. When your professor confidently calls you by the wrong name.

17. Seriously considering dropping out.

18. Sitting down to write your first big assignment.

19. Realizing the horrendous toll the new semester will ultimately take on your GPA.

20. But then you call home and get the reassurance you need to keep going.