Good Riddance To Misery And The Company It Craves, Find The Good In Goodbye
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Good Riddance To Misery And The Company It Craves, Find The Good In Goodbye

Be selfish with your time. Be selfish with what you put your energy into.

Good Riddance To Misery And The Company It Craves, Find The Good In Goodbye
Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

Majority of us can say we’ve experienced a situation where we knew that someone was not good for us, but because of the history that we shared with that person, cutting ties with them was something we couldn’t find in ourselves to do. We like to think that the precious time it took to build that relationship would be regrettably wasted by doing so.

Because of this, we allow people to take advantage of us by continuously treating us any of kind way. We need to STOP using “history” as an excuse for some people and just LET THEM GO. Whether it be a romantic relationship or merely a platonic one, if someone is spewing negative energy and bad vibes into your life, do not be afraid to throw in the towel.

Though it may be cliché to say “misery loves company,” it is a FACT. People who are unhappy with themselves cannot truly be happy for you. They have to constantly find a way to dim your light simply because it is shining brighter than theirs. Some people claim they want to see you win but lack the support when you need it the most.

Jealously plays a major key in some situations; they simply wish they were in your position. However, anyone who is jealous of the success of someone who is supposed to be considered a friend is no friend themselves. People can become cancerous, and you should cut them out of your life before their toxic energy consumes you.

Even if you think shutting them out means your previous time has been wasted, just consider the time that you’re currently wasting with them and how you could be utilizing your time and space with someone who is actually beneficial to your life.

Never settle. You don’t have to settle for anyone or anything if it isn’t making you happy. Just because you’re used to or have become comfortable with something doesn’t mean you have to stay in that predicament. Complacency shuts the door on the growth you need to better your life.

We tend to establish our “circle” or a certain group of people we involve ourselves with and stick with these people only. Step out of your comfort zone. You’ll never know what others may have to offer if you don’t get out and meet different people.

There are many people in this world who not only want to see you succeed but can actually help you do so. Don’t let them pass you by because you’re so caught up and content with the ones you started with.

You just have to face the fact that not everybody can continue on your life journey with you, and that is completely fine. Holding onto something that is no longer of substance or good for you is detrimental. It’s okay to end relationships and gain new ones...better ones. It’s a part of life.

Be selfish with your time. Be selfish with what you put your energy into. Surround yourself with like-minded people who genuinely want to see you excel in life. Surround yourself with positive vibes and positive energy, and go out and live your best life.

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