11 Reasons To Still Have Hope

The recent 2016 election results have left many with heavy hearts, lost hope, and a sense of sadness, anger, and fear. In order to inspire positivity and to help people realize that there is still good in the world, here are eleven things to be at least a little bit happier about.

1. Cancer death rates have gone down 20% in the last two decades and are still decreasing.

2. A New Jersey police officer drove 650 miles to return a lost dog.

3. A hairstylist in the UK gives haircuts to the homeless.

4. Florida and Cuba, who were once Cold War enemies, are working together to save the ocean.

5. India planted 50 million trees in one day and broke the world record.

6. Obama permanently protected planned parenthood.

7. The tiger population has increased.

8. Scotland is going to give all expecting mothers free boxes of baby supplies.

9. Planet Earth 2 is the most expensive and immersive nature documentary ever made.

10. There were many firsts elected into the senate this year.

11. The ozone layer is repairing itself (but that doesn't mean global warming doesn't exist).

Love has prevailed before and it can prevail again. Despite all of the awful, there are still wonderful happenings on this Earth. There is still compassion. There is still hope. We will overcome.

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