I have been going to therapy for god knows how long. I think since I was about 12 years old! I was always embarrassed to go to one as I thought it was for "crazy people." However, growing up and becoming an adult has made me realize that I shouldn't be afraid to go to therapy and even tell people that I am in therapy. Although I am still a bit afraid now to tell people, I have been more open about it when needed and have become less ashamed. You will actually be surprised how many people go to therapy than you realize.

I think everyone can use a little therapy in their life. Why? People we have so many things and problems we want to talk about, and we need someone to listen. Therapy is great because you're paying someone not to judge you and to simply listen. They are there for you and care for you. It can be hard to open up to them at first but trust me, the therapists really do want to listen and be there for you; it's there job!

Therapy can be costly so it is always great to find someone within reasonable price or covered by your insurance. Don't settle for someone with bad reviews though! I have had my fair share of bad therapists. It is scared to test the waters first but do not be afraid to tell a therapist they are not right for you. It is important to find someone your'e comfortable with and can be your most self around. I have been through so many different therapists to help me with my specific problems and to find the ones I can best relate to.

To close off, you shouldn't be ashamed to go to therapy because their is nothing wrong with asking for help. If you feel sad, depressed, lonely, scared, a therapist is a great person to speak to if you feel that you can not turn to anyone else for support. If someone judges you for going to therapy, they perhaps need to learn about the benefits of therapists and maybe you need to reconsider your relationship with them. I am not telling you to drop your friend if they think therapy is dumb; if they do not understand therapy and have a stigma placed on it, help them learn!

The stigma that therapy is for "crazy" people needs to vanish. Everyone can use a bit of therapy and their is nothing wrong with that.