The Best Themed Bars Around The World

7 Themed Bars Around The World That The International Boozehound Should Hound Down

From a creatively decorated bicycle bar to a Christmas wonderland in Florida.


We all love counting down the days to the weekend and knowing that we get to end up at our favorite bars soon enough. We love our go-to bars, it's our fun comfort zones, but have you ever wanted more?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy your whiskey and coke at a bar full of mustached men or a bar where you can drink just like Ernest Hemingway?

You probably haven't, but hey, now you can with these unique bars around the world.

1. Ninja Alaska (Tokyo, Japan)

Ninja Alaska is a ninja-themed bar that employs waiters that will make you jump out of your skin with their stealthy and smooth moves. Along with the ninja waiter performances while they serve your drinks; this bar also includes secret passageways and hidden doorways.

2. Storm Crow Tavern (Vancouver, Canada)

Nerds, this is finally your time to shine at Storm Crow Tavern. This bar is best-suited for any Games of Thrones, Star Trek, and Star Wars fans and even provides board games such as "Risk" and "Runebound" for you to enjoy.

3. BallieBallerson (London, England)

I'm sure as a kid you always got a kick out of jumping in the ball pits, but did you think that you would ever get the chance to be drunk and jump into one? At BallieBallerson, you can be a kid while also enjoy adult beverages with their massive ball pits along with shoving spaghetti and meatballs in your mouth as well.

4. Bicicleta (Bucharest, Romania)

Don't worry about driving your car to Bicicleta, because this bar is all about bikes from the walls to the tables. This interesting bar turns old bike parts into creative décor which includes seat stools, bike handle coat racks, and bike pedal foot-rests.

5. Hemingway's Lounge (Los Angeles, California)

Hemingway's Lounge, a bar is fit for any die-hard Ernest Hemingway fan. This lounge makes you drinks that would most likely be in Hemingway's hands today if he was still alive. They have a house rum called "Papa's Pilar Rum," and cocktails that are named after some of Hemingway's greatest work such as "The Old Man & the Sea," and the "Moveable Feast."

6. Handle Bar (Austin, Texas)

Handle Bar, the name of the bar says it all. Calling all mustache lovers and wearers, we have a place for you. Come hang out with mustaches of all-kind and flaunt your own. Enjoy drinks that, after great mustached men such as Alex Trebek, Daniel Day, and Lewis and Ned Flanders.

7. Frosty's (Orlando, Florida) 

At Frosty's, you can now sip on your eggnog in July if you wanted to, and not feel any shame about it because of the beloved Christmas-themed bar in Orlando, Florida. Have a happy "holiday" by admiring Christmas lights, nutcrackers, and a Yule Log whenever you want at this joyful bar.

After finding out about all of these bars, I now have to experience them all for myself and get away from my "normal" bar, and hopefully, you will too.

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Cover Image Credit: Megan Sutton

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5 Ways To Pass The Time On Your Lengthy Road Trip

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Whether you're driving home for the summer, taking a cross-country road trip with your friends, or driving out-of-state for an internship, the time you spend crammed inside a car can be the death of you as the hours seem to drag on and on. From someone who drove through six states alone in an entire day -over a thousand miles- here are a few things you can do to make the time go faster.

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