The Worst Type Of People
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The Worst Type Of People

These people are the absolute worst.

The Worst Type Of People
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The world is full of all sorts of people. Some are great, and some are not so great..... Here are the people I have deemed the worst:

1. Slow Walkers

This is number one on my personal list because I like to walk fast to get to my destination in a timely manner. If you walk slowly in front of me, I probably am thinking of very violent things happening to you.

2. The Person In The Front Of Your Lecture That Asks Questions About Everything

I get it, every once and a while someone is going to have a question in lecture, it happens. However, what makes me furious is when someone asks about every little thing INCLUDING; the date, the sentence the professor just said, things that can be found on the syllabus and things you can easily google. Congrats, everyone in the lecture hates you.

3. Ex BF's/GF's

They are out of your life for a reason. Leave the past in the past.

4. People Who Take Your Unofficial Seat

If I have sat in a chair twice a week for three weeks and you take my seat, there is a 100% chance I am resisting the urge to "accidentally" spill my coffee all over your laptop. SIT IN YOUR NORMAL SEAT AND WE WILL NOT HAVE A PROBLEM.

5. The Frequent Class Emailer

This person thinks they are God's gift to the class. They constantly are sending mass emails informing the class of tests, quizzes and homework. You enjoy this at first but after two weeks, the three to four emails a day is just annoying.

6. People Who Do Not Use Turn Signals

You already know you suck if this is you.

7. Couples That Sit On The Same Side Of The Booth/Table

This is never necessary. Do not even try to argue about this with me, it is weird and makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

8. Any Professor That Gives Cumulative Finals

Do you think that I remember what we covered week one? Cumulative finals are horrible. They require you to review stuff you barely understood the first time. To professors guilty of this, thanks for ruining my life.

9. People Who Take The Elevator To The Second Floor

I understand if you are disabled or injured, but if you are capable of walking up stairs and choose to take the elevator versus walking up one flight of stairs, then I hope you get stuck in that elevator for four hours.

10. Whoever Invented Lockdown Browser

You could not let us have one nice thing? Internet exams are internet exams for a reason. Why did you have to come along and make it to where that exam is the only thing I can do on my computer?

11. Liars

Why lie when you can tell the truth? If you have an answer, please feel free to email me at: I will respond in two to three business days.

12. Morning People

How? Why? I just do not understand morning people.

13. People Who Have An Entire Cart Of Groceries In The Express Lane

Express lanes are for people who buy only a few items. If you are buying mass amounts of groceries PLEASE go in a normal checkout lane, or at least let me go before you.

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