The World Series And The Cubbies
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The World Series And The Cubbies

The Ups and Downs of Being a Baseball Fan

The World Series And The Cubbies
Big Lead

All sports fans are crazy. C'mon guys, how many times have our moms, girlfriends, girls that happen to be friends or anyone that you know who doesn't watch sports ask you why you get so worked up when you're watching football?

Well, I'm not a huge fan of football, and I'll admit it. On Saturday, I went to the Duke vs. Virginia Tech game. Sure, football is fast paced, it's energetic, but man, did I get sick. There were two hits in that game that made me almost throw up.

My sport is baseball. While watching baseball, those football super-fans turn into Mr. Let-me-check-Instagram-ever-other-minute. As someone who played the game for thirteen years, I love it. I know what you should probably do in most situations. I watching guys who are much better than I make these situations look effortless, and I get pretty excited. Imagine this: you're at a football game, and the team that you're rooting against has the ball. The best receiver runs a post route and gets absolutely hammered by a safety. I’m talking reaching full extension in the air, and the safety slamming into the helpless wide-out like a freight train, making the ball pop loose. You'd probably freak out.

In the meantime, I'm watching baseball, and Clayton Kershaw just dropped one of his low 70's sky-curves, making someone look dumb, or watching Lorenzo Cain full extension layout for a ball in the right-center field gap. I get the same feeling a football fan would have that safety manhandling that unlucky receiver.

Basically, I love baseball as much as the craziest football fan loves football. So imagine how I felt when the Chicago Cubs managed to pull a game seven win out of nowhere, despite the fact it almost felt like Joe Maddon was trying to lose that game. To put it bluntly, I was sh*tting bricks.

Let me give you some background. The Chicago Cubs broke a curse. One hundred and eight years of not winning a World Series was just snapped, and only people from (or who live in) Cleveland wanted the "lovable losers" to lose. To put that in perspective, their last World Series win before this one happened back when Teddy Roosevelt was president!

However, I am not a big Cubs fan. I am a Braves fan who has a soft spot in my heart for the Kansas City Royals. But, I felt it was time that the Cubbies broke that curse. Watching Game 6, I felt they wouldn't do it. After going 2 and 2/3 in game 5, Cubs skipper Joe Maddon threw closer and human flamethrower Aroldis Chapman out for game 6, when the Cubs had a 7-2 lead! WHAT THE F*CK JOE MADDON! When he went out, I said to the kid who I was watching the game with, "I think they're gonna lose tomorrow. He's going to be exhausted." He went another inning and a third. His pitch count was 62 pitches over the two games, something really bad for a closer.

Then Maddon goes to him in game 7...and asked him for another 2 and 1/3. I knew it was going to end badly. The 8th inning was a disaster. The Cubs watched a 6-3 lead disappear, and somehow held the surging Indians to just three and tied 6-6 game.

I feel like, when Rajai Davis tied up the game, Maddon snapped out of whatever trance he was in and finally said "f*ck you" to the curse. Shockingly, he pitched guys other than the exhausted Chapman, who at that point was at 97 pitches over the three games. Joe Maddon is seriously lucky the top part of the order, including Kyle Schwarber, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and the MVP and GOAT Ben Zobrist, as well as some unlikely contributors, like Albert Almora Jr., who pinch-ran for Schwarber, and Miguel Montero, the third-string catcher, all showed some serious stones in the top of the tenth to make the score 8-6. Not even Rajai Davis' RBI single in the bottom of the tenth could do anything to help the Indians, and the curse was broken with an 8-7, extra-innings, game-seven victory for the Cubs.

Basically, not even a manager trying to lose could stop the Cubs from ending the longest dry streak in natural history. Even though I am not a Cubs fan, it still felt like a pretty damn great moment. How could anyone even argue it not being a great moment? Nothing really compares to something that an entire population has been waiting for since before most of our grandparents were thoughts in our great-grandparents heads. It's nuts, so nuts in fact, that even the football fans that thinks baseball is boring noticed that something serious just happened.

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