The World Has Fallen In Love With Becoming Plastic.
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The World Has Fallen In Love With Becoming Plastic.

As a woman, this is one of my largest pet peeves and something that truly does make me angry. It is not our duty to become a straight fit Barbie, and we need to start loving ourselves for who are on the inside and out!

The World Has Fallen In Love With Becoming Plastic.
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The world we live in today has become infatuated and obsessed with "plastic" people. Many celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, and The Kardashian's are only a few of the women that today's young ladies have perceived as role models. New's flash: these women have had a lot of work done, and it is not natural. This perception of "plastic" women has become a horrible domino effect that has set a tone for many young women to go against their natural bodies and beauty.

When you go back a few decades, take a look at Marilyn Monroe, who was once named the most beautiful woman. Her natural curves, stomach fat, her beauty mark, it was all natural- and that is what we need to start focusing on. The desire to be as thin as possible in the waist and as wide as you can be in the hips/ thighs is not something that comes naturally for every single woman, and it is not right that this is the tone we set for many young ladies in the world. We all need to focus on our true body and our true selves and let the idea that celebrities and models look like that naturally, it is not. Getting plastic surgery and constant work done to your body does not make you pretty from within, it only shows on the outside.

The reason I am bringing this topic to light is because I am sick and tired of hearing young women compare themselves to women like this. That they will never come close to them or "wish they looked like them". The reason they look that way is due to many hours of makeup appointments, hairdressers, plastic surgery and a personal trainer. For people like me and others, that does not come easily to us, and we need to stop harping on the idea that it suddenly will and love ourselves for who we are.

Women come with stretch marks, acne, bumps, eczema, greasy hair, unpainted nails, unshaved legs, and the list could go on. It is not your duty to find self love within looking like a beautiful model. Sure, if that is something you want, then do it! But women are not Barbie's, and we need to stop portraying the picture that we are. If you do not love yourself first, who ever will? If you cannot find acceptance within your body, you never will let anyone in. Ladies, that is not a way to live.

So, wear a bikini, who cares if you jiggle? Go without makeup, your natural skin sure looks beautiful. If you don't want to wash your hair for a few days, by all means, it is healthier for it anyway. If you want to feel beautiful, look in the mirror. Throw away the idea that if you looked plastic you would be beautiful, because you already are.

I truly feel fear and shame for this generation as the women some people look up to have nothing going for them besides their beauty and money. No talents, no skill, nothing. All it ever will be is Instagram photos that make others jealous.

Find love within the natural side of your body and who you are. You will always find freedom and peace if you do so.

Love always + extra today, Mel.

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