The Words You Need To Hear

There is a picture of a heartbeat and it says if there are not ups and downs in your life, it means you're dead. This quote says everything. There will be ups and downs in life whether you are a criminal with no morals or a perfect citizen who treats everyone with the utmost respect. That said, life will not always go your way and when it doesn't, you deserve more than someone saying "things will be okay" "stay strong" or "keep your head up."

You deserve to be told how beautiful you are as a person, inside and out. You deserve to be recognized for everything you have gotten through this far in life, you have survived a lot and it has only made you stronger. You have put a smile on your face in some of your weakest moments, times when you could have chosen to hide away and sulk in the pain. You have more strength than you let yourself see.

Remember those days that you struggled to get out of bed, but you pushed yourself and you made that day the best it could possibly be. You can get through anything. You have the strength inside you to conquer your every fear and to strive for greatness even in the eyes of defeat. So everything you are going through right now, it is nothing in the grand scheme of things. You are your strongest warrior; that battle you're fighting, you've already won. Find the confidence within yourself to pick yourself up and choose happiness. You have the strength to fight the hard times in life. Now you need the strength to find happiness when life is trying to fight you for it.

I have gotten to a point in my life that I am done hearing the words "everything will be okay" because it seems like things never are. Spilling my heart out to someone to hear them say "everything will be okay" brings me much frustration. It is a lie because if the rest of your life was gonna be "okay," it wouldn't be a good life. So next time you hear it, think to yourself, no, life will be better than okay but it will have its downs. You are strong enough to take on those pitfalls straight on and keep your head held high.

There are moments in all our lives that we are in need of reassurance that we can take on the difficult parts of life. Well here is your reassurance, here are the words you need to hear. You ARE strong enough to do this. You ARE beautiful inside and out. You deserve to smile. So smile, because you WILL get through this. The best days of your life are coming. Have confidence in yourself that you CAN take on life because you are amazing, and do not let the difficult times in life make you think differently.

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