The Word Puzzle Game – Increase Vocabulary
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The Word Puzzle Game – Increase Vocabulary

Puzzle Game

The Word Puzzle Game – Increase Vocabulary

The internet is not merely just a thing that connects us to many things that are beyond our approach but it is also a universe of many time-killing activities.

Anyone can enjoy diverse options and multiple arrays of things in an option in itself if getting bored.

Among these many options with such a diverse game is one of the most searched and liked options.

Because there are many types of genres of games and you can get confused about which one to play or even what to look for.

Games on the internet range from action, action-adventure, roleplaying, sport, strategy, simulation, and many more.

Among these puzzles or puzzle-like games are more searched and sought because it is one of the types of games that not only kills your boredom like no other game can do but it also plays a role in increasing the IQ of a person.

What is Just Words?

Like many other puzzle games, Just wordsis also a game that is the same as that of Scrabble that one might have played on a piece of newspaper.

The game that we had played on the papers seems boring and uninteresting as compared to the one which is available online.

The board size and dimension that we have seen in the normal scrabbles game is just a bit different in Just Words.

But, overall, the game has appealing out-looks, interesting features, options like Chats, and many more which make the game worth giving a shot.


If you have played Scrabbles before then you might not need an introduction on how to play the game?

But for the new players out there who might not have played before the game could be boring and they might lose enthusiasm and leave the game halfway.

The gameplay is simple and easy as players have to arrange the letters in a crosswords fashion and create a meaningful word.

Usually, in the online version, there is a dictionary or algorithm of their own to decide whether the word formed is meaningful or not which might be troublesome sometimes.

Other Features:

Just Words is the online adaptation of the crosswords game, so, the game tends to be more sophisticated and fun than the stereotypic version of the game like word wipe.

There are many features that players can use either for their ease during the game or they can simply use them to commute with others.

Feature Like Tutorial helps a new player or rookie to quickly grasp the concept of how to play the game and besides teaching them the game, basic UI is also introduced to players.

Besides this, the option of the World Chat engages players to commute during the multiplayer Gameplay.

A player can also play a single-player game mode if no one there to playing against. The player can also set the difficulty level per their level of expertise.


To play the crosswords game at the best playing just Words would be one of a kind experience for the old and the new players as the game is equipped with lots of exciting and interesting features that make the gameplay interesting and worthwhile.

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