The Women's March By The Numbers

The Women's March By The Numbers

A look at the numbers behind the upcoming Women's March On Washington

As the nation gears up for Donald Trump's inauguration in the coming days, several hundreds of thousands of women (and men!) are gearing up to protest Trump's position in the highest level of office in the land in the Women's March On Washington.

The purpose of the demonstration, as stated by its organizers, is “to come together in solidarity to express to the new administration & congress that women’s rights are human rights and our power cannot be ignored.” It's likely that these people will not be ignored (at least not by the media), as this is poised to be the largest demonstration against Trump during his inauguration weekend. Demonstrators are demanding not only equal rights for women under a president accused of sexual harassment, but also immigration rights, and the ceasing of police brutality. Here's what we know about the march so far, as shown by the numbers.


The date of the Women's March On Washington, along with its many sister marches. The demonstration was set to take place the day after his inauguration in order to give Trump a hard time on his first day in office.


The number of co-chairs who came to be organizing the event in Washington. It started out as a Hawaiian woman who planned on showing her grievance with the election results by calling up friends to ask if they would join her in protest in Washington, D.C. at the inauguration.


The number of sister marches set to take place on the same day. Demonstrations will be held in cities across the United States. Many other countries around the globe, such as Kenya, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Australia will also be joining in protest.


The number of people who marked themselves as "going" to the event in Washington, D.C. on Facebook.


The number of buses that have registered with the city to park for Inauguration Day.


The number of buses that have registered to park with the city for the Women's March.


The number of people chartering a bus to Washington, D.C. all the way from Toronto, Canada.


The number of groups joining the march, including Girls Who Code, Planned Parenthood, the Muslim Women's Alliance, the Trayvon Martin Foundation, and Black Girls Rock. Many celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Gloria Steinem, Amy Schumer, Uzo Aduba, Scarlett Johansson, Cher, and America Ferrara are also planning to attend the D.C. event.


The number of people expected to attend the Washington, D.C. event, as monitored by Facebook, parking permits, Amtrak, and the event's website. (If you are planning to attend, register here.)


The time the D.C. event is scheduled to start. The event is speculated to last as until as late as 5:00pm.


The amount of money at the time of this writing that the event has raised so far in an effort to pay for the security of marchers, port-a-potties, and parking.


The Women's March On Washington's goal for fundraising for the logistics of the event.


The estimated number of "pussy power" pink hats with ears reminiscent of cats that have been knitted as part of the Pussyhat Project, a wearable protest of Trump. Reportedly, there has recently been a shortage of pink yarn. The culprit is doing a great job of making itself known. (Register your hat here.)

Cover Image Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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Millennials Should Not Be Ignored

Our generation is speaking out, and people need to listen.

In today's society, millennials are often being ignored. We are characterized as "too young" or "too naive". But has anyone ever stopped and thought about how we as millennials may actually have more knowledge on today's issues?

Think about it: the majority of us get a quality education, most at least have a high school diploma or GED. Speaking from personal experience, I know that education is getting more and more complex as the years go on: My parents stopped being able to help me with math and science when I turned 10, and they both have college degrees. Our young minds are being exposed to so much more than other people have ever had the opportunity to access before.

We are also the generation who has been completely submerged in technology. Most of us don't remember a life without a computer, cell phone, or the internet. Generations before us haven't had the opportunity to completely live in a world full of technology and all it has to offer, and that gives us a huge advantage.

We understand how technology works and how useful it can be, as we don't know life any other way. For the first time, we are able to find out information about anything at literally any moment. We are able to connect with people all over the world and find out news the second it happens. Ignoring our knowledge of such a useful resource is not only stupid, but also damaging to everyone's futures.

Something I find completely ridiculous about generations before us is how ignorant they are of millennials, and the experience that we have with all of these current issues in our society.

So, let's talk about gun control.

Now everyone is entitled to their own opinions about gun control and what kinds of regulations we should have, but was I find baffling is how inconsiderate the government, the NRA, and older generations are being towards millennials. WE are the one's who have to watch our friends and peers be shot and killed. WE are the one's who have to practice 'shooter drills' in our schools now because of how normal shootings are becoming.

WE are the one's that are face to face with this reality of school shootings way too often. And what I don't understand is how the government and NRA have the audacity to say that we as students are uninformed, or naive, etc. We are the only one's who completely understand this issue. Honestly, I shouldn't even be including myself, because I have been fortunate enough to not have to experience such a tragedy within my lifetime. But I stand with those who have, as I am a millennial who's opinion is being ignored, and it needs to stop.

We need to be heard.

Our voices are stronger than ever before.

And we demand change.

But shifting off the topic of gun control, our opinion matters no matter what the issue. We are living in a period of activism, and millennials are the head of it. We want change, not just because activism is "trendy" or "current", but because we want to change the world that we are going to live in and that our children will grow up in.

We don't want to fear about school shootings, climate change, pollution, etc in our lifetimes, much less in our children's lifetimes. The generations before us have destroyed our world, and Millennials all over the world are trying to fix it. We are reshaping our world so that we will enjoy living in it.

So, To Whoever It May Concern,

Please do not ignore us. We are a lot more powerful than you think. I, and millennials around me, want to fix this world so that it doesn't crash and burn, but rather becomes better than it's ever been before. Don't ignore our opinions because we are younger, or don't quite have our degrees. We are more powerful than this world thinks.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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Donald Trump and John Bolton: Two Minds Alike

Yes, President Trump bypass his hatred for Bolton's mustache in favor of starting a new war.

Various news outlets claim Donald Trump will fire McMaster and replace him with John Bolton. Bolton made himself very clear that he prefers military action above anything else as shown by his Wall Street op-ed about North Korea and his New York Times op-ed about Iran.

Thus, many foreign policy experts lay caution in choosing John Bolton. However, Bolton’s preference for military action isn’t anomalous. In past administrations, hawkish advisers dictated the President’s foreign policy decisions as shown by Libya and Iraq. Many foreign policy experts think the President did not intend to inflict aggression, but, in all actuality, the President chose to follow their hawkish advisers.

The President follows American exceptionalism, the idea of America as a morally superior country to any nation on earth, and so do those hawkish advisers. American exceptionalism validates the act of aggression because if America is so superior, then the country has a right to intervene in a country’s domestic affairs. All Presidents believe in American exceptionalism, especially President Trump. As a hardcore believer, President Trump wants to engage in a war with North Korea to bring “democracy” by force-and John Bolton can validate him with his decision. President Trump chose Bolton because both of them have a penchant for aggression.

President Trump’s rhetoric regarding North Korea is nothing new. To illustrate, President Trump called Kim Jong Un “rocket man” and pledged to bring “fire and fury” to the country. By mocking the country and their leader, President Trump does not take the country’s nuclear arsenal seriously. By not taking the arsenal seriously, Trump sincerely believes in the power of the American military taking down the Kim regime. Even after he accepts Kim’s invite to talk, Trump still maintains his preference for the military option, especially when he plans to kick out McMaster for Bolton.

President Trump solidifies his stance on the military option after his time of constantly watching Fox News where John Bolton makes appearances. By appearing on Fox News constantly, Bolton will always be in President Trump’s mind. Hence, President Trump wants Bolton to replace McMaster because he and Bolton share the belief of the military option. McMaster and Trump also share the belief of the military option, but McMaster voices his aggression in a tame way or, in other words, Presidential English.

McMaster claims North Korea is un-deterrable because nobody can fathom the idea of a totalitarian regime having a nuclear arsenal. Meanwhile, Trump yells out for flat out bombings and plunder. Even after Trump has to translate his statements into Presidential English, he is still itching to yell out for bombings and plunder as he continues to call Kim Jong Un “rocket man” in his appearances and in his tweets. Bolton yells out for bombings and plunder, too, but in the form of written op-eds and eloquent (to Trump’s mind, at least, don’t judge me) news appearances.

If Trump wants to translate his eagerness for bombings and plunder into Presidential English, he does not want McMaster, who will just say “we’re running out of time” instead of the classic “fire and fury.”

President Trump wants John Bolton, who will say “fire and fury” in the middle of words combining to speak Presidential English to the public regarding the war in North Korea.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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