The Week Before Spring Break, As Told By Queen Elizabeth II in "The Crown"

The Week Before Spring Break, As Told By Queen Elizabeth II in "The Crown"

Is the week truly that long, or are you just impatient?

Also referred to as the longest week known to man... Claire Foy in The Crown displays the dramatic and sometimes comical facial expressions that perfectly exemplify your feelings toward this week.

1. When you make the bold decision to look at the "to do list" of work you have to do before you actually get to leave:

Then you secretly wished you hadn't looked at the to-do list at all and just stayed in your little pre-Spring Break excitement bubble.

2. Sitting inside lectures and labs looking outside knowing you'll be free in just a few days:

No term papers...a beautiful sight.

3. Looking at your professor exactly like this when they promised that material wouldn't be on the exam...then they put it on the exam:

"How could you lie to me like that? I trusted you."

4. The look you give your roommate when you're apologizing for the mean things you said when you were stressed:

Hopefully they understand. If not, chocolate is always a good addition to any apology. Lots of chocolate.

5. Picture this... Prince Phillip is the midterm exams standing between you and spring break:

Is there really any explanation needed?

6. Deciding to take a nice, long, hot bath to treat yourself amidst all of the papers, quizzes, and general stress that exams bring:

You deserve it after all of your hard(-ish) work, right?

7. Sitting in your room convinced that your already packed suitcase is taunting you:

Why did you pack so early? You don't really know, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

8. When you finally make it to the end of the week...

The moment you've been waiting for since're not sure whether to jump up and down, cry tears of joy, or grab your suitcase and head to the airport three days early. Either way, you made it!

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