Three-time NBA champion. Three-time NBA All-Star. Two time NBA MVP. The most three-pointers in an NBA game. A first round pick. And that's just some of the accomplishments of the Golden State Warriors starting five. Insane right? And as if that's not enough, last summer they acquired four-time NBA All-Star Demarcus Cousins to add on to their dominant roster.

Still, don't believe me that the Warriors is an unfair team? Well, let's look at the current 2018-19 season. On Monday, October 29, the Warriors scored 92 points in 24 minutes. On the same night, Klay Thompson (#11, four-time All-Star) set the NBA record for the most three-pointers made in one game (14), which surpassed the old record that was made by Thompson's teammate, Stephen Curry #30, five-time All-Star).

Golden State has also won the last three out of four NBA finals. Last season, they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in four games (being the first team to do that). They have won so many times, a lot of NBA fans are tired of watching the finals because it's been the same thing for four years. Sadly for the fans, doesn't look like this season's finals will be any different. Eight games into the season, the Warriors have already claimed the number one spot in the West.

Most of the top NBA teams of last season have changed. The Boston Celtics (ranked one in the east) gained back their top two players Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward after they missed a majority of their season due to injuries. The second-ranked east them the Cleveland Cavaliers lost their star player, and just rehired a new coach after starting this new season 0-6. And lastly, the Warriors top western competitor, the Houston Rockets, have started this season 1-5. But the Golden State Warriors have stayed pretty dang for the last four years.

So what is it that makes the Warriors so dominant? Maybe it's the idea that half their team has won three or more NBA titles. Or that this team is made up of all-stars, MVP's, and record breakers. Even the coach, Steve Kerr, has a little NBA history under his own belt. He won five NBA titles as a player and won the three-point shootout in 1997. So does one team deserve to have this much talent? Wouldn't the NBA be a lot more interesting if these players were spread out? These are questions NBA fans, analyst, and reporters ask every day. But one thing that is for sure is that this team is unbelievably good, and no one in NBA history has ever seen a team like it.