We Have A Problem And Building A Wall Is The Solution
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We Have A Border Crisis And Building The Wall Is The Solution

Why do celebrities have protected gates and walls around their homes? Why do professional athletes? Why does former POTUS, Barack Obama?

We Have A Border Crisis And Building The Wall Is The Solution

I hate to state the obvious, but it's 2019. Wake up, America.

There is a legitimate crisis at the southern border of our great nation and millions of Americans are justifying the matter. If you are in denial of the fact that an obscene amount of people have illegally crossed into America over the years, you, my great friend, are quite silly to say the very least. Millions, and I mean millions, of tons of hard drugs are smuggled into the United States by being hauled across the border.

According to data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an astonishing average of nearly 2,000 immigrants are apprehended at the border each day attempting to cross illegally into the United States. Yes, you read that correctly. TWO-THOUSAND.

A new Politico Poll says most Americans believe the border is a problem, yet in national media, they continue to deny that very fact— Shocking! So, now if you add to the situation, an organized attempt to collapse our country's asylum system by moving thousands of migrants to the border, the crisis vanishes without saying. It's mind-boggling that this is not transparent to some. The media is ruthless and its opposition to the wall completely blunts one's voice.

This is not an artificial issue. It is not inhumane to support a wall which would make illegal entry more difficult. Believing in the building of a wall should not be considered "racist." You can sit and point fingers all you want because, at the end of the day, you can believe what you want to believe.

Speaker Pelosi and Senator Charles Schumer, the big bad leaders of congressional Democrats, avoided the truth of what's happening in front of their very eyes. Again, shocking because the left knows, as we all do, that the press is providing them cover and get gassed up with the idea of embarrassing President Trump as their end game. Those two spent their time scolding President Trump for bringing the border problem to a head by shutting down the federal apparatus.

You can praise those two as much as you want, but how is it that it is not clear to some that the Democrats have no legitimate solutions to this fierce border situation? Sorry, Nancy, but repairing roads will not keep you and me safe so, "thank u, next."

The problems we have at the border has been going on for too many years and both parties have allowed it, it's not just one. It's finally blowing up in everyone's face and finally, there's one man doing something about it. It's sad how in 2019, it's still about politics. Not the people, not public safety— it's solely about politics and tearing down opposing parties.

What I just stated is the truth. Those who argue differently in this matter, I'm sorry that I'm not sorry to say this— but you are without a doubt, hurting this country.

All I know is, when it comes to protecting my loved ones, whoever is in office will not dictate my feelings on major national issues the place I call home is having. Or any, for that matter. I find it unbelievable that this is the case for nearly almost everyone on the "I hate Donald Trump" train.

Newsflash, he has another two years. Get excited.

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