Sometimes, God's Answer Is 'Wait'

You know when God calls you to something. You know it's Him. Yet sometimes, He still makes you wait.

He did it with Abraham, who waited for his child.

He did it with Moses, who waited to deliver Israel.

And again and again.

He did it with Joseph.

He did it with Paul.

Even Jesus waited.

But through all of this, God was still faithful. These people all are some of the most influential people in Biblical history, and they all have something in common: waiting. God didn't ever lose faithfulness to any of these people. God told Abram that his wife would have a child, and she did. It may have taken many years, yet God fulfilled his promise.

We see the "waiting" story played out over and over in the Bible, yet we still don't let it ring true in our lives. We're always on to the next thing. We want to graduate, go through graduate school, get married, get a job, have a family, and so on. Maybe God has laid some of this out for you. Maybe you already know what your job will be, or who you will marry. Maybe you already know where you will live, or where you're going to graduate school.

But even though you know part of His plan, sometimes that doesn't mean it will happen now. We are called to wait on Him. Waiting is difficult. Patience really is a virtue and not a common one at that. Yet God gives us hope by showing us His direction in our lives. It doesn't always mean that he's going to fulfill it now. But it also doesn't mean that He's given up. God is always faithful. Have patience, because He isn't finished with you yet.

This waiting time isn't simply to wait. It is used to prepare you. While you're waiting, God is molding and changing you, cultivating you into the person you need to be to complete His plan. So when we're waiting, we also need to remember to allow God to work on us. We need to be willing to listen to His voice in our life and prepare ourselves for the bigger things to come.

And in that time, just remember: God isn't finished with you yet.

"But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience." — Romans 8:25 ESV
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