The Voice Of Art (Part1)
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The Voice Of Art (Part1)

"Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to artistry." -GH

The Voice Of Art  (Part1)

When it comes to creating artistic content for a modern age everything matters. The camera matters, the lights matter, the scene matters, even the props matter. I think we can agree that a great script can foster a great movie. Roles played by amazing actors like George Clooney, Brad Pitt & Denzel Washington can soften even the coldest critics heart. Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to artistry. Within this artistry there is a collaborative effort and each medium is different.

For example, Film requires a director, a crew as well as a cast all working together to complete a single goal. The goal is to make a great film, making money in the process; yes, but chances are if the film is not good ascetically it will not make those big numbers at the box office anyway.

I believe I have recently found a series of short films that ascribe to that kind of greatness. Simply named "Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories" this series of short films immediately captured my heart. Midnight Diner can be found on Netflix but this isn't you regular series of short films that you can just watch back to back. The stories and even social issues that each episode addresses will leave you wanting more. At the same time it encourages you by the pace of the show to take your time and care about the characters. The director also decide to add a fun tip about asian cuisine giving each episode a simple and yet elegant ending. Yes there are subtitles, but I believe watching this series in their native language adds to the atmosphere.

The directors name is Joji Matsuoka, After studying filmmaking in the College of Art at Nihon University, he won an award for his independent short Inaka no hōsoku at the Pia Film Festival in 1984.

The series "Midnight Diner" is told from a singular narrative that then branches out to tell a very compelling story. Every episode starts with the bar master sharing about how his day starts compared to the rest of the world around him. He cooks and people come in eat and he listens to their problems, sometimes he may even offer some sound advice in between the last cup of green tea and bowl of ramen.

The cast is just as impressive:

Kaoru KobayashiSaki TakaokaTokio EmotoMikako TabeKimiko Yo
MasterTamako KawashimaHajime NishidaMichiru KuriyamaChieko Hanawa
Michitaka TsutsuiAkiko KikuchiYuko TanakaJoe OdagiriMansaku Fuwa
Kenzo OishiAkemi SugitaMachiko TsukaguchiKogureTadashi
Toshiki AyataYutaka MatsushigeKen MitsuishiTamae AndoRisa Sudo
KosuzuRyu KenzakiNoguchiMarilynMiki
Asako KobayashiNahoko YoshimotoYuichiro NakayamaTakashi YamanakaShohei Uno
Kiyobumi KanekoKaoru HirataYukiko ShinoharaKiyohiko ShibukawaMitsuki Tanimura
KanemotoSaya AdachiIzumi NatsukiTadao HasegawaKasumi

These names may mean nothing to you now but I truly believe after watching the series you will become fond of each and everyone of them.

My Favorite Episode is: "Tonteki"

If you know me, will know why it's my favorite.

Now, you've read this much of the article and you may be wondering why it is entitled the voice of art (part 1), well I'm glad you asked.

I recently came across a news article in the DP or better known as The Daily Pennsylvanian.

On the front cover of this paper it highlights a play that will be happening on Dec. 2. This is not just any play, according to the staff reporter Rebecca Tan, this play will feature a staged dramatized abortion. This is not a promotional effort, but as far as I know tickets are free online. I mention this play because it may set a tone for thespians everywhere. I will have other articles for your reading pleasure in the meantime because clearly it is only November and the play isn't until December 2nd.

But please, be on the look out for ...The "Voice" of Art (Part 2)


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