"I have like literally no friends" is a phrase I hear and think to myself too often around my college campus. While it may seem like plenty of students have people they trust and absolutely adore, it has become quite a challenge to find the right, new friends in this stage of life.

Reflecting on my relationships with friends, I realized something. Everyone is brought into my life for a reason and also for a particular season; it is God's design and perfect timing. Therefore, being nice to those around you does no harm and could go a long way. The same goes for re-connecting with people you knew "a while back."

In high school, I would not have called myself a social, outgoing person—in fact, I was quite the opposite. Even now in college, I can still be shy even though I have improved on my social skills ;). Returning home for summer, though, I am starting to realize the true value of my friends from childhood. They actually know me… they have been with me through my awkward middle school years, and they have seen my bad days and my good days. Additionally, our families know each other, and there is just a special bond between me and people I have grown with and known for a certain amount of time. We have accomplished part of childhood life together.

I also feel that I have gotten to know some of these childhood friends even more, after spending time away from each other and then re-connecting. I see who I end up hanging out with, what conversations I am having, and realizing the beauty in everyone's different paths.

There is a sense of comfort, peace, respect, and genuine interest in each other. There is a sadness in parting ways but also a happiness for the other person and for the future to come. I had been praying for friends for a while, without realizing the wonderful people right around me this entire time. I will not take for granted the beautiful souls in my life and I am forever grateful for every person I know currently, and that I will know in the future.