The anticipating summer movie of the year, "Suicide Squad" may have disappointed a majority of movie critics ; however, what was a crowd pleaser for majority of the audience was Harley Quinn and the Joker relationship. "Suicide Squad" displayed their relationship for the first time in a live action film. Personally, they were my favorite characters in the movie. Watching the Joker in a live action film displaying affection for another person was quite different and entertaining to watch. It gave the movie its charm and something refreshing and unusual from DC movies. Many were infatuated and love the idea of the Joker having a love interest in a movie; however, some are blinded on the ugly truth about their relationship, praising it in a category of having it as a goal.

While watching the film, I heard a lot of people saying how they want to be like the Joker and Harley Quinn, calling them "relationship goals." The ugly truth about the Joker and Harley is that it's an abusive relationship. The hardcore DC fans know about the comics or the animated series "Batman" on how dark the role and relationship background of the Joker and how complex Harley's character is. The live action film gives a glimpse on how abusive and psycho the Joker personality can be and how it affects Dr. Quinzel's transformation into Harley Quinn. Obviously these characters are fictional characters that have been created with these dark and psychotic backgrounds but collectively mesh well together. Unfortunately, some people are influenced by the smallest things such as movies, video games and comic books to imitate such fictional character traits in everyday real life.

The relationship of Harley and the Joker is not the type of relationship that should be romanticized in the terms of "relationship goals." While it is a fictional relationship, some cases of domestic abuse is similar to Harley Quinns, in a sense that they hang on to their abuser because of their love for one another and tend to ignore the pain. Harley Quinn's insanity, funny quirks and unique personality makes her likable in the film and comics; however, it shouldn't be encouraged to be in a type of relationship she is in as a goal to be achieved or imitated. The unique personalities of the Joker and Harley are easily likable and entertaining to watch; however, their relationship shouldn't be praised in a way that can occur in real life.The characters are both fictional and while the Joker behavior with Harley is physically rough and insane, it happens in real life and should be frowned upon instead of praising it as some type of life goal.