No matter what university or high school you go to, I think we can all agree on a few things. I've compiled twelve things that come along with the lovely holiday season we like to call finals.

1 Heck of a Migraine

On your sixth Advil of the day and theres still a small construction crew banging around in your head.

2 Cups of Noodles

Your dining hall could never.

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3 All Nighters in the Library

What else is the library good for anyways? Books?

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4 Cups of Coffee

At times like this theres no need for creamer or sugar, lets not fool ourselves.

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5 Pairs of Sweatpants 

No need to fret if you've got your sweats!

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6 Bags of Doritos

Orange fingers really suit everyone, wouldn't you say?

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7 Cans of Monster 

I bet the founding fathers drank monster while writing the constitution, why shouldn't you?

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8 Nervous Breakdowns

No sleep plus last minute cramming equals a recipe for disaster.

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9 Bouts of the Flu

It won't matter how many vitamins you take or how much hand sanitizer you use, you'll probably still need 3 gallons of Nyquil.

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10 Dominos Delivery Men

You know tis getting bad when Dominos can recognize your voice and know your order by heart.

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11 Days Without a Shower

You definitely showered yesterday.. or was that the day before...?

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12 Motivational Quotes

No matter how many times your friends try and encourage you, nothing is more motivating than the prospect of Christmas break.

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By the end of this finals season, you'll wish you could hide in the pear tree with the partridge. At least you could get some peace and quiet.