The Twelfth House: The Deep Inside
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The Twelfth House: The Deep Inside

What the Twelfth House represents in astrology.

The Twelfth House: The Deep Inside
Astrology Explored

Natural Sign: Pisces

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Quadrant: 4th (Top Left)

House Type: Cadent Secret

Represents: dreams, enemies, hidden attributes, psychology, solitude

Every person has a side to them that’s not easily seen. We all have attributes that are not natural for us to express: optimism, sympathy, bravery, patience, etc. The Twelfth House is ruled by the mystical sign, Pisces, as well as Neptune, the planet of obscurity. The traits of the Twelfth House may not show themselves until we’re completely alone. We’re afraid to release these traits, or we just don’t have an understanding of how to let them out. Instead, they plague our dreams, fly throughout our unconscious, and become what we most loathe or least comprehend… unless we learn to accept them. We can use this house to bring us fulfillment and give us access to our subconscious minds and intuition. Or we can keep this house locked away from ourselves and let it become our undoing. These are the options we’re given when it comes to the deep inside.

The sign and planets located in the Twelfth House show us what attributes we’re uncomfortable dealing with, whether within ourselves or from other people. Think of some of your least favorite people (look, be honest, we all have people we don’t like). Why do you dislike them? What kind(s) of personalities do they have? Are they stoic, stern, and put their own career above everything and everyone else? Then maybe you have Capricorn in your Twelfth House. Perhaps you can’t stand people-pleasers who are too agreeable; you may have Venus in this house. With Moon in Taurus there, you might have a problem with stubborn or overly calm people. What is his issue? Why isn’t he angrier about this situation? More likely than not, that person is trying to solve the problem in a more patient way, and you’re just seeing his patience as aloofness. You’re not enemies because you dislike each other; you’re enemies because you don’t understand each other.

Our subconscious minds are most active during times of sleep, so it’s not surprising that our Twelfth House can reflect the nature, content, and effects of our dreams. Pisces here could give especially imaginative and lucid dreams with zero connection with reality. Mars in the Twelfth House may make dreams more violent or active in nature; night tremors may also be possible. With Uranus in Virgo in this house, obsession or compulsion is possibly a component of most dreams. Especially reckless dreams may be found with Jupiter in Aries in this house.

Are you the same in private as you are in public? Chances are you’re not. No matter who you are, you can’t have every personality trait, especially traits associated with your Twelfth House sign and planets. Maybe you have a hard time relating and socializing with others (Libra). Or you feel timid, have a quiet persona, and have a hard time multi-tasking (Gemini). You could have a hard time being positive, philosophical, and freedom-loving (Sagittarius). Or you can be out of touch with your nurturing side (Cancer). You may feel unlucky (Jupiter), emotionless (Moon), self-conscious (Sun), or even powerless (Pluto). But what we all need to understand is lacking something doesn’t mean we’ll never have it; we just have to put more work into getting it. The next time you have a problem expressing something, just do it. The more in touch you are with your Twelfth House, the more complete you’ll be. You’ll have gained the last piece of your puzzle.

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